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Treat Your System, Not Your Symptoms

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From migraines to cancer pain, relief has been found by hundreds of patients in MYRSO. MYRSO is a premium, full spectrum cannabis extract sourced exclusively from fully activated sedative strains. MYRSO offers patients the ability to buy quality medicine at the least expensive price in the state. Our industry leading, state-of-the-art production facility and grow allow us to source our own material and produce it ourselves to our critically important standards of excellence. We take pride in providing patients with consistent medicine they can count on.

Each batch of MYRSO is laboratory tested to ensure quality and purity, and all ingredients are cannabis derived to deliver the full spectrum of therapeutic terpenes and other natural ingredients only found in cannabis. The extraction process uses only the naturally occurring organic compound ethanol as solvent. All test results are instantly available online for patient review. We take great pride in providing quality medicine, at the most affordable price. That’s why patients count on MYRSO for consistent daily relief. Whether it is used simply to activate your endocannabinoid system as a preventative/maintenance does, to a treatment, the MYRSO oil not only treats your symptoms, but it also treats your system.

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