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Acapulco Gold is an old school classic. It’s a near purebred sativa and a rarity today with genetics dominated by hybrids. The gold alludes to its leaf and trichome complexion; some say an homage to its quality and legend. One of few strains that’s maintained over 20% potency long before modern day nutrient advances.
Little is known of Acapulco Gold’s true lineage other than it tracing back to being a landrace sativa from the region of Acapulco. The strain has been in known existence for over 60 years and maintains a lofty reputation of quality and potency. Gracing the 1965 edition of the English Oxford Dictionary and finding fame among popular musicians and culture the strain has endured the test of time. Also making High Times top 25 best strains of all time, we are proud to grow this South American legend.
The strain is an impressive yielder both indoor and out. Potency for the strain has rated 20% + long before today’s soil medium and nutrient advances. The high is definitely heady and energetic with a sativa|indica ratio of 80|20 but also manages to relieve stress and pain with calming effects.

About this strain

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