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Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised is an autoflowering cannabis strain that offers a sweet and fruity flavour with a potent and relaxing effect. This hybrid strain is the result of crossing Strawberry Banana Grape Auto with Zkittlez Auto, resulting in a 70% indica and 30% sativa variety with autoflowering properties.

Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised is an excellent choice for beginners as it is very easy to cultivate. The plant structure is characterised by a thick and sturdy trunk with short branches that support the hard and dense buds with a lot of resin. The plant can grow up to 150cm in height, making it a medium-sized plant. This strain needs approximately 56-63 days from seed to harvest when grown indoors, with a maximum yield of 500 gr/m2. When cultivated outdoors, the plant reaches its full potential and produces large yields.

The appearance and colour of Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised buds are hard and dense, and covered in a thick layer of resin that sparkles like diamonds. The THC content of this strain is relatively high, although the exact percentage remains unknown. The CBD content is relatively low. Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised is suitable for extractions, including shatter, wax, and hash.

Flavours and Scents:
The taste and flavour of Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised is characterised by its sweet and fruity flavour with small nuances of banana and lemon. It is a very tasty strain that leaves a pleasant aftertasteon the palate. The scent is equally as delightful and is characterised by a sweet and fruity aroma with small notes of lemon.

The effect of Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised is potent and relaxing, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day. The high starts with a cerebral rush, followed by a full-body relaxation that eases pain and tension. This strain is perfect for those looking to relax, unwind, and destress. It is ideal for use in the evening or before bed, as it may cause drowsiness.

In short, Juicy Zkittlez Auto Feminised is a strain that offers a delightful taste and flavour, a potent and relaxing effect, and is easy to cultivate, making it an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned growers alike.

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Today, Seedsman focuses on providing complete diversity, spotlighting cannabinoids like THCV and CBG, plants with excellent mould resistance and yields, and an unmatched range of autoflowering varieties - embracing traditional favourites whilst always looking for something new, and exciting. You’ll find refined classics like Jack Herer, Bruce Banger, and Bubba Kush. Sativa superstars like Mamma Thai and White Widow, in regular form – ideal for breeders and connoisseurs. Sticky indicas like Hash Passion and Candy Cream. Or, try a newer Seedsman original like Fuel D.OG, Green Crack, or Larry Lemon OG.

The recent addition of Seedsman’s Peyote range adds some high THC, super vigorous genetics to the mix. The minty fresh L.A Peyote Kush is a THC powerhouse, while Peyote Gorilla’s frosty trichomes and Peyote Zkittlez potent tang are going down a storm. Peyote Wi-fi CBD 2:1, and Cream & Cheese 1:1 offer some of the most interesting potential for more balanced strains for those medical users who need a balance of CBD with THC, or those who simply prefer a lighter smoke. With origins in the icy tips of the Kush Mountains to the sun-trapped hills of Californian valleys, Seedsman strains represent the best in contemporary cannabis genealogy. All seeds are rigorously tested to the highest standards, ensuring excellent yield, taste, vigour and potency. So, if you’re looking for something spicy or a strain that’s sweet, one that grows in a greenhouse or thrives in the heat, a plant that helps you focus or gets you to sleep, genetics made to collect and seeds to keep – you'll find it at Seedsman.
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