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About Us

Sugarleaf was founded with a vision that we could one day be the best in the world at growing cannabis. This goes deeper than just yield, potency, or brand knowledge, staying true to who we are and always doing the right thing is at the core of every decision we make as a company. In every industry, there is a level of precision that can hardly be re-created by others, we strive to maintain that level every day. A wise man once said “only when one loves what he does can greatness be achieved,” and we love what we do. We feel we have a unique opportunity to shape how an industry is perceived, as cannabis transforms out of almost 100 years of prohibition we take pride in being at the core group of pioneers that will continuously move the industry forward in a positive direction. An opportunity so grand should not be taken lightly; we lead by example, we are who we want the industry to become. At the core of who we are as a company lies a belief in a responsible future, having a great work ethic, keeping an open mind, and an understanding that education is our value.

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