Blend 2 Tangie Blossom CBD Hemp Cigarettes - 10.56%, 2.32% Total Terpenes CBD, Floral, Orange, Haze,


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Organically Curated Herbal Infused Cigarette Style Hemp Joints
Our Blend No. 2 is a good option for those who wish to have an alternative smoking blend. This specially crafted formula includes lobelia which interacts with the same receptors as nicotine does, except without the addictive binding properties. For calming relief, we selected chamomile to help create a neutral space within the mind. Rose is added in for a sweet taste supportive of your central nervous system. With mullein and red raspberry leaves as the base to give a well-rounded smoking experience.



21 .75 gram joints made with pesticide-free hemp grown, harvested and processed by licensed industrial hemp companies in the state of Oregon.

We take pride in providing our customers with high-end hemp flower carefully selected in the state of Oregon. Our hemp flower is sun-grown throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have taken the time to ensure that the flower we have selected is organically grown and pesticide-free by licensed hemp growers.

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The Botanical Joint
The Botanical Joint is a licensed farm & retailer located in Colton, Oregon. We are high-end boutique hemp cultivators who use all organic farming practices, through sustainable agriculture providing a beneficial homeostasis to our overall environment. Our flower is grown in small batch including greenhouse and indoor. We produce premium quality exclusive batches of CBD hemp flower and pre-rolls.

The Botanical Joint aims to elevate enjoyment of hemp through ones perception of our hemp and products looks, aromas, tastes, and overall use. Currently we are partnered on multiple hemp flower and seed operations on the west coast and take part within all three of our partnered facilities. Our partners ensure the same ethical and moral standards through business and within agriculture. The Botanical Joint offers a wide array of hemp products from flower to tincture to genetics, we aim to provide the highest quality CBD hemp on the market destined to please.

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