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Pink Panther has a sweet terpene profile mixed with scents of pine and pears. It immediately hits the consumer between the eyes, curbing pain caused by headaches or migraines. Pink Panther’s strong mood elevation also assists with depression, making this strain a natural accompaniment to physical activity and socializing. We like to add Delta 8 CBD Live Resin to a Pink Panther joint for a psychotropic kick to this Indoor Hemp Flower.

CBD flower is a great option for those in states where cannabis is still not legalized. It’s also great for states where it is. We get asked a lot about the effects. Indoor grown flower provides the highest degree of consistency throughout the harvest lot and proper harvest steps are taken to ensure you have the best final product. Wanting something stronger? Try our Delta 8 flower.

The CBD hemp flower for sale on our site is federally compliant and contains less than .3% Delta 9 (THC). With all of our flower listings, we strive for transparency and try to provide the most accurate representation but due to the nature of the product variables will occur.

AROMA: is a 4 out of 5 (pungent OG nose)
PROFILE: Sweet and Funk
COLOR: Lighter green in color
DENSITY & STRUCTURE: Primarily large buds, freeze-dried cure
TRIM QUALITY: Hand trimmed, cryo cured
COA: potency tested

Products can ship to states that have not legalized cannabis. Orders typically ship within 24 hours.

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About this brand

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The Hemp Collect
The Hemp Collect is a bulk wholesale supplier that also sells direct to consumers under the brand " Modern Herb Co. "

Our products are formulated with CBD Live Resin & Delta 8 then combined with cannabinoids to target effects in our Daytrip, Anytime & Knockout blends.

Our products can ship to states that have not yet legalized cannabis. Orders typically ship within 24 hours. All our products are full panel tested and include COAs to ensure safety & potency.


Delta-8 is a psychotropic compound similar to Delta-9. The effect of Delta 8 is a more clear-headed, less debilitating, euphoric experience, as compared to Delta 9. Cannabis consumers who experience anxiety or paranoia prefer Delta 8, which does not have that effect.


Live Resin is a type of extract that is considered higher quality than most others. Unlike standard extracts which are pulled from dried plant matter including leaves and stems, our Live Resin is hand harvested, uses only the flowers and is extracted off of fresh frozen never dried. This makes a more phytochemical rich extract that is more therueptically beneficial.
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