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Come On In An See Our 4th Of July Specials! we we will be open regular hours, ALL day ten to ten. We Will Have Specials On Recreational Edibles And A Whole Lineup Of 4th Of July Specials On Flower As Well. Cheap high Quality flower, More BANG! for your Buck. Fireworks Are Expensive, But your weed Wont Be Here At Alternative Solutions. We Also Got another Night Crew guy. A.J Smith you can only find him here at Alternative solutions, Wednesday thru Saturday 4 to 10; with Extended quality for a fair price, -Alternative solutions Attention Vendors Current vendors we do business with: Intakes are by appointment only or by the discretion of Mr. Don or Shea Van Wormer, owner Please call the shop (503) 761-1635 to schedule an Intake appointment. All medication (flowers, edibles, extracts) need to be tested, please bring results All Transfers will require signatures at Intake appointment and copies of all documentation required by OLCC and OHA. -Payouts: Monday afternoons at 12:00 PM to 4:20 PM. *must have all required documentation and signatures before a payment can be made. Thank you for your business. Out -of-town Vendors We will try our best to accommodate you, we suggest you make an appointment. WALK-INS You are welcome to drop by to leave product and information, our owner will get back with you if interested. Thank you for your business Alternative Solutions Staff


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$10 Shake eighths - NEW

10 dollar eighth shake bags of -Blue City Diesel -Raspberry Cough

$10 - Medical; $12.50 - Recreational

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“I've stopped by this place a couple of times because I thought I was getting a good deal, but the product , area, and shop are extremely sketchy . The product comes in crappy black plastic bags. The product is extremely dry, and I was shorted on my 1/8 by .5 of a gram so my 1/8 only weighed 3 grams. Last I looked an 1/8 weighed 3.5 . Just the start of it, when I pulled up last time the owner of the shop was getting into a physical fight with a customer he claimed sold pills too his girlfriend in front of the shop : WTF ??? I had too wait and watch the whole crap happen before anyone acknowledged that I was there to buy something - never again !! Too many places to go too- don't waste your time !! ”

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“real bad customer service. stem bags. all low quality, I even tried to get one of their most expensive stuff and was still very bad quality.”

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