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On June 24th, 2015, ATG became the first dispensary in Massachusetts to begin serving registered patients. The dispensary is located in historic Salem. ATG strives to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for our patients. Please visit our website at to learn more! MENU NOTICE: If you are traveling to our store for a specific product, please be sure to check our website for the the most up-to-date availability. If the product appears on our website menu, it is available at the dispensary. Thanks for your patience as we work towards updating the Leafly menu in real-time.


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20% off O.penVAPE ISH flavored distillate!

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Valid from 4/16/2018 to 4/22/2018.

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Alternative Therapies Group (ATG)

Unfortunately, the state's Virtual Gateway system is currently offline, making it impossible for Registered Marijuana Dispensaries to verify patients or conduct transactions. We are hopeful that the outage will be brief. Thank you for your patience!

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“Last week I was sold an open vape craft reserve cartridge that was missing half of its contents. Be sure to check your cartridges before leaving the store ”

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“people need to stop hating on ATG, their bud is really good! but it won't stay an consistent streamline of product because everyones buying these products out of stock. trim isn't the best always, but neither was the weed I got from street dealers was better of trim. Then there's the vape pens, which I could see a lot of improvement in quality of an possibly great product, just manufacture and test the Vapes to prefection and market them appropriately. ish is way better than the other 2 vapes you have for sale, yet its the cheapest? But I think everyone needs to respect a business that's revolutionary on how and what Americans are taking for medicine. This whole MMI is still very new and it's not very regulated, just like e-cig Vapes!! so it's of the people's risk to even pursue themselves into such an hypocritical lifestyle. All I'm saying is be happy you even get to buy weed legally in a country that still considers your bud as schedule 1. ATG all day”

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