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April 7, 2019
Wow!!!!! You let the recreational customers have the good strains that are best for medical patients and leaving patients with the crappy strains? I see how it is, that is like a slap in the face to medical patients. Never again!
January 14, 2018
BUYER BEWARE/ATG! 12/20/17 - present. ATG knowingly sold sub-par products and deliberately chose/chooses to not believe or take action on behalf of their customers after numerous complaints by consumers regarding leaking cartridges and purchasing them not filled to accurate capacity. They knew the craft reserve cartridges leaked but sold them anyway. The sales person even said to me at time of purchase, she was looking for a full one. Pretty clear in hindsight that the cartridges leak. In my case, after day 2, my cartridge was emptying at an alarming rate and it wasn't from use. It also clogged my craft reserve o-pen and has rendered it useless. The manager said it was because I didn't disconnect the cartridge from the pen after each sesh. What??! Never was a problem before. I was told that staff verbally advises people to disconnect after each sesh. (I was never verbally advised, and its not in the literature) I lost virtually all of my cartridge in less than a week and I no longer have a working pen. I then emailed the owner, (since he manages the managers) hoping he would see the error of the manager's ways and have my back as a consumer at his dispensary. Not only did he not address the issue, he never even had the courtesy or good business practice to return an email to me. Its clear that ATG won't stand behind their products and will not honor the customer's patronage, or follow their own policies (see below). Poor PR, poor business practice and poor consumer on my fixed income. I've lost confidence with their products and customer service. No respect for me, lost respect for them. Wow! Lots of new dispensaries appearing all the time though. ATG shame on you. I will not be back unless this is remedied. Not looking good. ATG POLICY; We do expect a small percentage of vaporizer cartridges to fail. We are happy to exchange defective cartridges or batteries. Please bring the defective item (and original receipt if possible) with you on your next visit to the dispensary. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by defective products. Really???
February 27, 2019
This place really went downhill once they went recreational. It's pretty obvious they don't give a shit about their medical customers anymore and end up treating everybody like cattle. What a shame.
April 7, 2019
ATG has gone downhill big time since they started serving recreational customers. They are leaving the medical patients out to dry. I went there yesterday. They had 2 strains of flower for med patients and 6 strains for recreational. Not ok.
February 15, 2019
They stopped caring about their medicinal patients since adding recreational. It’s funny, they *assured me* that adding rec wouldn’t negatively impact the med side. Maybe they’re hoping their med patients will phase out and then they can focus on recreational? 🤷‍♂️
April 4, 2019
They don’t keep an updated menu and seems like they jumped in over their heads going recreational. What a waste!!
February 20, 2019
Never again. How does a medical dispensary not have flower?!?!?! I’ll stick to Garden Remedies.
April 28, 2019
This place has high quality products. Although it’s tiring hearing the medical patients complaining. They get a better selection than Recreational. I’m here for college and can’t obtain a med card, but I use Cannabis for medicinal purposes. I mean recreational customers have to pay TWENTY PERCENT MORE and we get to choose from the bottom shelf at higher prices. Not to mention that rec to med customers is 4:1. If you want to help eliminate the black market then you should focus on a recreational model like California and Colorado.
February 13, 2019
I used to be a frequent customer here but since going recreational they’ve stopped caring about their patients, no more patient specials, no update on the menus so when you go there for a specific strain it’s always “temp out”. You would think they would update the menu when a product isn’t available but nope you have to go there to find out. And the quality of their product has gone way down overall 2/10
April 22, 2019
For complaints, I have written the better business bureau, the Mass Cannabis Commission, and the city of Salem, mayors office. To right out lie and tell the medical side, we are the priority, yet everything I need, is on the rec menu, why can't all there strains be offered to the medical side? How is it, that the better strains are not available to medical patience? Its probably the worst for being the first in the state.
February 6, 2019
update your fucking online menu. just drove 1hr each way for nothing! Also you have 9 lines for recreational and one person helping patients for medical. bud here is great but only when you r lucky enough to get what you want. so damn disappointed right now I just came here for nothing!!!!!!
April 5, 2017
multiple time shopper. always have the BEST flower selection in MA trust me I've tried them all. picked up a batch of captains cake today. freshly packaged today and it was the best marijuana I have smoked in years. testing at nearly 30%! they have great tinchures which are in my opinion also best in the state. the only areas they lack in are there prerolls. every other dispensary uses raw cones which I think we all can agree are everybodys favorite. also would be nice to maybe get some baked treats in like some pumpkin pie or cookies idk Salem is one of those cities where you can definitely find a bakery to help you out on that front. doing a lot of things right tho honestly I only go to one other dispensary and that is strictly for concentrates. Salem has the best flower and tinchures in the state of Massachusetts hands down.
July 18, 2017
ATG in Salem offers impressive flower, limited concentrates, and a DMV-like customer experience. The gorilla glue is amazing, I would recommend your gorilla glue to just about anyone that likes a strong sativa, serious happiness takes a second place for me as well. However, whoever made my tincture must have forgot to put in cannabis because I ended up drinking it and had little to no effect, sounds weird right? I'm confused by that as well. Lastly, the atmosphere isn't the best, I didn't feel like i was welcome there as I would be at other locations, god forbid you ask a simple question without getting eyes rolled at you. We're all paying customers and any dispensary should be happy people come by. I will come back in a month or two and see if anything changes.
February 24, 2018
The quality of flower has been steadily going down for awhile . The trim job is worse now than ever. Product is dry ,old, seeded and smells like my lawn . Wasted my money enough times there now to know not to go back
July 7, 2015
This place should be shut down they will make patients wait outside for all to see and you could easily be followed and robbed.They only had one strain on hand and would not give you prices when e-mailing and calling.Workers are unprofessional. I have seen many dispensaries and this place is a joke Massachusetts really needs to get their shit together and open a real dispensary if they don't know how than copy a state that has been doing this for awhile until then I am staying with my "caregiver" who has 14 -15 different strains, oils and edibles very reasonable prices and has 25+ years experience .
February 24, 2019
I’m extremely disappointed w the product at this location. Several of the people who work there are very kind and well informed but since they switched over to recreational, things have changed. First, and most importantly, the product for my needs stinks. Second, their knowledge is variable and their stock has been very low since they went recreational. Ive been a medical patient for a few years and have been fairly loyal to ATG. Yet, as a medically disabled person, requiring multiple visits for returns for defective products, I’ve had enough. It’s not easy for me to organize a visit nor sit in the car for awhile, so returning a week later or going days w out my medicine because of their product failure is incredibly inconvenient. Every single product I’ve purchased recently has been defective. The dabaratus pen springs are stuck and don’t work to dispense my medicine - oh but they are out of stock of the product to exchange and won’t refund it. I tend to buy mainly craft cartridges from them aka PEG free. ATG’s are more expensive than other providers in the region but it seemed like they had a better product for awhile. Not so. The last few CBD/cannatonic “craft” cartridges have been a bust and didn’t dispense medicine. The medicine looked like it was frozen inside and yes I know how to store and properly care for my stuff. We’re talking about a $100 cartridge. The medicine tasted like junk and they gave me a $60 credit back because I had used some of it. Yea , I did use some of it because I kept trying to relieve my pain. The manager told me they figured out the problem and redesigned it. Good for them. Ive also purchased several of their same craft PEG-free cartridges in Sativa, which seeped gel like substances out of the mouth piece into my mouth and theoretically my lungs. Again, they admitted this was a known defect and they said they redesigned them. Take your $h07 off the shelves when you know there’s been a manufacturing people! Medicine, my ass.
June 20, 2019
I love the location, the staff and the variety of flower. It can get a little crowded sometimes, but I can understand why a lot of people would want to come here. No long wait for medical and if you're a rec user and you see a long line outside don't worry because once you get inside after slipping your ID through the window then that's when you will notice how quickly the lines move. I would recommend this place to both medical patients and recreational users.
July 3, 2019
My only complaint right now is too many people arguing and name calling over parking spots. You should probably just let medical patients use the parking lot and have the recreational customers park somewhere else.
April 23, 2019
Based on my last two visits since they opened again I think they really bounced back in my opinion.
November 15, 2016
I love cobbler! I love alternative therapies! Only Marijuana Dispensaries in Massachusetts worthy of your business! I love gorilla glue too!
September 26, 2017
If this was my first time in a dispensary, I would've turned my card into the state. This place makes you fee like a criminal, it's uncomfortable from the moment you walk up to the front door. It's like a DMV combined with a gynecologist office. The bud is old and dry, and their tincture didn't do a thing for me. I won't be back.
November 25, 2015
Had my appointment today with ATG. What an improvement over the first time I went!! 4 strains in stock right now: Cobbler, Gorilla Glue, GDP, & Northern Lights. You WANT the Gorilla Glue. NO LIMITS ON PURCHASES!! I had no wait and walked right up to the counter once I was checked in. I arrived on time, so I was let right in - at 11am on a Tuesday. No parking lot wait at all. Staff was great, got my fill of flowers, and even picked up an O.pen vape. $20 for the batteries, $60 for a 250mg cartridge. White Widow/Big Bud, GDP, & Pineapple Chunk in stock. Buy up to 4 at a time. Bit on the $$ side, but great stuff. Fire up and forget! Quality is high, very nice yield on everything, and it all tastes great. It looks like the grow house has caught up with the sales window... Still feels like an RMV though.
April 9, 2018
Hey ATG, are you going to recall the product you sold to patients that failed the Channel 5 Investigates program that was just on TV? And why wouldn’t you let me return the product I bought from you that failed that testing? I do NOT feel safe purchasing from your dispensary anymore. Also, why did you have my previous review removed? Was it because you don’t want word spreading that you were actively selling dirty cannabis? It’s not fair to anyone that you’re trying to sweep this issue under the rug. Id love to have all of the above questions answered. But if not, I’ll have to ask them again on a more public forum.
May 6, 2019
Looks like The Slime (ATG owner) is being told by CCC of MA to have ALL STRAINS available for patients. This is the second straight day this has happened. I hope this is true.