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Corvallis Oregon's most discreet and secure location. We are locally owned and operated, and have a diverse selection of products to satisfy both the newcomer and experienced cannaseur. Fast and friendly service with a smile, located adjacent to City Hall and the downtown Transit Center at 227 SW 6th Street.


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Gain custody of any of our pre-rolled joints for 20% off the regular price!

Valid from 2/22/2018 to 4/29/2018.

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Beaver Bowls Corvallis

BOWL OF THE DAY.....Deadhead! Only $25/eighth medical, $30 recreational

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“First always the good. 1. Great Location 2. Great selection(tons of good flower) Now the bad, and it is pretty bad(at least I think so). A few of their employees will tell you that all their cartridges are interchangeable. This is not true. I have had to go back and buy a corresponding battery each time. So if they tell you a "select™" cartridge will on other pens DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!!!! These cartridges are proprietorial. I found that out by contacting both Select™, and Orchid™ companies. Also despite what one employee may tell you they will NOT do returns on these cartridges. So be wary and ask ?'s. My advice is not buy a cartridge unless you have that companies battery/pen.”

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Comment from Beaver Bowls Corvallis

Thanks for the good! So, concerning the bad....please be aware that the technology for vape pens is a rapidly developing and is changing constantly. This can not be controlled by Beaver Bowls or our budtenders, but it is an industry-wide inconvenience that we all have to tolerate until the technology advances enough to stabilize, allowing everyone to have consistent quality and operational standards. Select brand batteries have completely changed in the last few months, for example, and you may have received information that was correct only months ago, but that is now incorrect because of changes made by the manufacturer. We absolutely do not recommend to customers that all of our cartridges are interchangeable. Our budtenders know their products and they are very aware that there are different batteries with different specifications, each compatible with different cartridges. Asking your budtender questions is always a good idea. They really are just trying to help you find what you want and to help you avoid what you don't. We are sorry that you had some bad experiences with your cartridges and we hope that you have only great results from now on. Thanks for your support!

“As a small mini Degenerate/ANM Inc. shatter review, I tried the Wi-Fi OG and it tasted great. I guess some people dab with the wrong gear. I I have purchase several grams with zero problems. It's expensive and nice tasting. Degenerate rules!”

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Comment from Beaver Bowls Corvallis

Thanks Chippewapagan! That's great to hear, a lot of our customers have started to learn that low temp dabbing is they key to making any oil taste great, and Degenerate is no different. Plus they have such great CBD numbers! See ya next time!


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