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Bloom Well is a community cannabis retailer that provides safe access to recreational and medical cannabis in a judgement free environment. We carefully curate several dozens of strains from around the region and around the state, and maintain a variety of Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD flower from Clean Green Certified and biodynamic farms. When you support Bloom Well, you are supporting families and farmers -- not monopoly investors. Because of our community approach to cannabis, we have breadth and depth in all product categories -- an extensive selection of CBD options, edibles, extracts and body care products. We're also able to offer quality products at affordable prices, such as our $5 grams and $20 eighths that are available every day. Please visit us and enjoy a quality experience in our comfortable space. We are conveniently located in Bend, Oregon, with easy access to and from the parkway at Revere Avenue, only a few short blocks north of downtown. Our courteous staff delights in sharing their knowledge and wants to help you find botanical products that are well-suited for you, and that meet your expectations. Some of our suppliers include: Open Vape, Orchid Essentials, Winberry Farms, Moto Perpetuo, NW Kind, Deschutes Growery, Alter Farms, Select Strains, Peacock Nation, Green Pinky Farms, Hush Canna, and many more. *All our menu prices include taxes.


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Pre-rolls as low as $5 out the door.

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Bloom Well - Division

More products added to our Harvest Sale menu! Stock up for the weekend and save up to 40% on your favorite items.

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“Love that store good prices ”

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Comment from Bloom Well - Division

Gotta love the specials menu. Thank you!

“MEDICAL PATIENTS SHOP ELSEWHERE! It's really disappointing to me that medical price is considered a "discount". Any daily special promotion or sales aren't applied to medical patients because the med price is just a percentage off of the rec price already and you "can't stack discounts" med prices are not discounts people. It's our medicine. I've tolerated it for some time but the last few times I've been in it's been an issue just to get my med price let alone any other promotion that's advertised or sent to my phone. This place doesn't seem to care about its patients too much just because they can make more from rec patients. ”

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Comment from Bloom Well - Division

This review is both shocking and disheartening to us. We have consistently priced products for our OMMP cardholders 15% less than Adult Consumers. Over the past 4 years we have gone to Salem to fight for cardholder rights more than all Central Oregon dispensary operators combined. We lobbied for co-location or expanded access to make cardholder purchases tax-free. At one point the OLCC was going to require medical and recreational operations to be completely separate, which would have ended medical sales entirely. By offering 15% off for cardholders, and because there's no sales tax, medical cardholders pay about 35% less for products in our stores. Most of our staff have medical marijuana cards, and I personally have had my medical card for nearly 20 years now. Our organization has been serving cardholders since 2013, and OMMP cardholders continue to make up about 15% of our clientele. We absolutely care about patients. When "early rec sales" began in the fall of 2015 we created an express lane and dedicated sales area for patients. We converted our license from OHA to OLCC the very last day of 2016 so that we could continue to work with OMMP Grower partners who had been the lifeblood of our business since day 1. You certainly have my sincerest apologies if you feel you are not being treated with respect and dignity, and if you feel we have somehow forget that OMMP patients matter in our community or in our stores. We seek annual Patients First training from American For Safe Access, a national patients-rights organization the supports research, education and reform nationwide. We are 3rd party, Clean Green Certified as a cannabis retailer. We pre-package our cannabis flower for hygiene and quality assurance purposes, and have been a model for agricultural handling practices. We do all this behind the scenes because we care tremendously about ALL our clients. If this response isn't sufficient to address your concerns, please reach out to me directly: I would be happy to clarify how and why we have developed the policies that guide our pricing, discounts and overall operations. I would gladly refer you to an OMMP Grower who may be able to provide you with medicine at or below production cost, even if it means losing you as a client (we hope we don't!).


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