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Ghost Train Haze #55

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Ghost Train Haze #55
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Effects: Uplifting, Calm, Creative ------------- Helpful For: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Muscle Tension, Headache ------------- Ghost OG x Nevil's Wreck ------------- Breakwater Small Batch is a series of limited releases created to bring you closer to our strain selection process. This project gives you the opportunity to explore strains that are still being evaluated for large scale production. Some of these strains may even return to our menu. ------------- With a reputation that precedes itself, Ghost Train Haze #1 needs no introduction. A multi-time Cannabis Cup winner in sativa categories, as well as a recurring member to the annual High Times Strongest Strains on Earth, this strain boasts a powerful, energy-boosting, cerebral high. We have selected phenotype #55 from our test plants of Ghost Train Haze #1. Bred by Rare Dankness out of Colorado, GTH is founded upon the base of the Original Ghost OG crossed with Nevil’s Wreck. The result is a cultivar with strong growth, large flowers, and sugary trichomes ripe for separation (hint hint). The aromatic influence of Ghost OG plays well with the unmistakable hazy fragrance, adding a slight citrus and mild pine. Expect an increase in energy and extreme focus. However, the somewhat common jitteriness associated with haze varieties is all but lost on this pheno, with the Ghost OG influence squashing it out.

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