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Our inventory moves quickly here at Canna-Daddy's. If there's something you see that you really want, or you're driving a long way to get here, please call first to confirm that we still have the items in stock in the quantities you want. ***Compassionate care of patients*** At Cannadaddys Wellness Center- Portland Dispensary Strict strain testing and expansive knowledge helps us make your medicating needs more personal. We pride ourselves on the quality and availability of our products. We feature a full range of medibles, flowers, concentrates (including co2 extractions), tincture, topicals and everything else you may need to ensure the perfect medicating experience. We welcome both medical and recreational customers, all you need is a valid state issued ID stating you are over 21 years of age, if you are a OMMP cardholder we will have you served first!


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Weekend Specials

5/26th-28th FLOWER: Eight Specials ( Buy one get one half off ) Mid Shelf: $37.50(45 Post tax): Early Diesel ( Rogue Valley) Top Shelf: $45(54 post tax) Headband (Chill Farms) Dutch Treat (Chill Farms) Star Dawg (Frontier Farms) Primo Shelf: $52.50 (63 post tax) Space Fruit (Botanical Innovations) White Super Skunk ( Yerba Buena Connosieur Shelf: $75($90 post tax) Golden Pineapple 4 Gram Specials @ Eighth Prices: $20 ($24 Post tax) Bubblegum (Orekron) White Widow (Graves) $25 ($30 post tax): GG4 ( Frontier Farms) Sour Diesel ( Frontier Farms) White Water ( The Cannabis Farm) Cookies and Cream ( Orekron ) Blue Pinneaple (the factory) $30($36 Post tax) OG Kush ( Dicot Farms) Tora Bora & C99 ( Shadowbox Farms) Joints: $4.50( $5.40 post tax) 2 1/2 gram joints (Green Choice Farms) Shatter: J1 Winterized, Gorge Vortex ( 1 for $50, 2 for $90, 4 for $120) Cartridges: Blaze Cartridges: Friday Only: 4 for $100.00( $120 post tax) Sat & Sun 4 for $120.00 ( $144 post tax) Harlequin .5 gram for $79.20 1 gram for $129.60 Edibles: Laurie & Mary Jane Edibles $8 (9.60 post tax) Sour Shotz Sugga & Sour Bitz $7.50 ( $9 post tax) She Dont Know Cookies $16.00 ($20.00 Post tax)

Valid from 5/25/2017 to 5/30/2017.

While supplies last!

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Come visit Canna-Daddy's and pick up your summer starters! Clones for $20 pre-tax!

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“The whole experience from getting your ID checked to being thanked when you leave is top notch. I went another shop and the guy checking ID gave me a dirty look and went into the back. The bud tender seemed nervous and wasn't very knowledgeable. He was a nice guy though. I definitely recommend this place. If you live some distance would be worth the trip going there.”

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“Ugh, where to start? This is my neighborhood dispensary, and it's nice to have a dispensary within .5 miles of walking. The staff is usually nice. Those are the pros. Now, I have been to this dispensary probably a dozen+ times. I usually come in every two weeks to buy an ounce and an oil cartridge. I am the type of buyer that looks at the menu before coming in so I know what I want and can be in-and-out providing a healthy tip to the budtender. They have changed to a prepackaged dispensary months ago, but the process is still rudimentary. The last six weeks (last three visits), have been abysmal. One visit, I went in and got an O of Lemon Skunk. The staff had to run around to find an O. I ordered an O because it was listed on the menu as being available. What happened is that they grabbed 28 single grams that have been prepackaged. Then I had to wait for them to smpty the 28g into an O bag. After all that, they still gave me the empty 28 single gram bottles to dispose of. Total time of visit: about 20 times. Second recent visit, thought I'd be prepared and have a backup choice for flower and oil. They were out of my first and second choice of flowr. My third choice was a flower that they only had 28 single gram prepackaged, and had to put in an O bag. Instead of wasting any more time, I decided to just grabbed an O of Amnesia Haze because that was already packaged (and I'm not a sativa guy....).Then I ordered oil, and they were out of what I wanted. Had to choose something else. Total time: about 20 minutes. Now, I visited today. Made a list of 3 choices of flower and 3 choices of oil (based on their Leafly menu), and they were completely out of my first choice, and didn't have enough of my second and third choices for an O. I just walked out. Didn't even care about buying anything because it has become an inefficient process for me. What is the purpose of using a menu if it's not updated? What's the purpose of listing flower you're totally out of (lemon skunk), and the display was still up for this strain? I've decided to take my business elsewhere, and go out of my way to a shop that I can rely on when it comes to their inventory and their posting of the menu. I can't believe it would be that hard to update your leafly menu daily. Why have tablets in the lobby to search your Leafly menu if it's so inaccurate? I've also had experiences with unprofessional staff yelling across the floor to each other, talking inappropriately about women, etc. Lastly, I saw a comment about price issues. I can note, I have bought a budget ounce and Harle-Tsu oil cartridge on two separate visits, and the price was completely different. I think the first time was $170 something, and the second was $186 (and that includes a discount that was given for having to wait so long).”

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Comment from CannaDaddy's

Thank you for the opportunity to help us refine our procedures on updating the Leafly menu. Our budtenders are reconciling existing inventory with what we present on the menu, specifically referencing quantity available. This process is happening on a nightly basis.I hear that you're fed up on many levels but just know that you helped us improve greatly!


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