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**PLEASE CALL AHEAD FOR REAL-TIME AVAILABILITY** Knowledgeable staff, great products, affordable prices, and fast and friendly service; these are the qualities that set Cannabis and Glass apart from every other cannabis dispensary in the Spokane Washington area. Our mission at Cannabis and Glass is to offer our customers a huge selection of high quality products at affordable prices. With a menu that exceeds 225 different strains of flower and concentrate, accompanied by our potent selection of edibles, you are sure to find the products you love at Cannabis and Glass. All of our flower is guaranteed to be $8 a gram or less. We have full gram, full flower, pre-rolls for just $5 each or mix’n’match five for $20. Our eighths menu has an even larger selection of growers and prices. For the cannabis connoisseur, check out our great selection of indoor or hydro 1/8ths for just $24. With prices starting at $10 an eighth and with our most expensive eighth at just $24 we have quality cannabis to meet anyone’s budget. We also carry a great selection of full ounces starting at $40 for quality trim/shake and $80 to $99 for full bud ounces. If you want to get an ounce, but you want more variety, or want it more personalized, be sure to ask our budtenders about our mix and match deals. Mix’n’match 1/8ths of our top shelf products for just $160/oz! Cannabis and Glass has the largest selection of concentrates in Eastern Washington. Our concentrates start at $12 per gram with our most expensive gram for just $30. With a menu that contains over 100 strains of concentrates, you won’t have any trouble keeping your dab supply fully stocked. You won’t find another recreational dispensary with this level of variety, not only in consistencies, but brands as well. We carry BHO shatter from Doc Croc. Check out some of the best PHO crumble on the market from SPP Regulator Xtracts. We have pull’n’snap from Altered State and Sugar wax from Kush Valley. Come in and see why Cannabis and Glass is the #1 concentrate retailer in the Spokane area. Cannabis and Glass has the best deals on edibles in Eastern Washington. We have chocolates, truffles, and real cannabis honey from Swifts. We carry a large variety of handmade, marijuana infused chocolates and candies from Honu. All of our edibles are just $20 for 100mg 10-packs. We also have $15-$20 infused drinks! Stop in and see why folks come from all over the state of Washington to buy their infused edibles at Cannabis and Glass. Cannabis and Glass has a great selection of affordable glass. Tired of overpaying for glass and paraphernalia at head shops? Cannabis and Glass has a great selection of paraphernalia and glass products for the consumer on a budget. Large bongs with percs just $80. Oil rigs starting at just $22! Pick up a thick quartz banger for just $20! We are constantly improving both of our locations to make it the best possible experience for our customers. Stop in for yourself and see why Cannabis and Glass has established itself as the best recreational dispensary in Eastern Washington.


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Top shelf eighth and a gram oil plus a joint and lighters for only $60!

Get a frosty top-shelf eighth and a hard hitting gram of oil with a joint and 2 of our branded Bic lighters for only $60! You don't need to pinch yourself. You are not dreaming.

While supplies last

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“I have been going to the valley Cannabis and Glass store since they opened as I knew that it would have the same good menu and affordability as the one farther up north. Lots to choose from. I was glad they opened up a shop closer to me. I am a retired old bird and have issues with painful "Arthur's Rightis", kinetic tremors and a bit of insomnia and always seem to find something that will kick old Arthur to the curb, steady my hands and help me get to sleep. More medicinal that a nasty pain or sleep pill any day. The names of strains changes a lot, but that can be a good thing. Love to experiment. I can always find something in my price range and a something that tastes good. The strains I like the best always seem to be there amongst the newest ones. I am known by face and name by some, (recognizable by my vintage cat's-eye glasses and by my Rock-a-too Gonzo that sometimes comes with me). I always find the staff informative as well friendly. They are glad to take some time with you to let you see what they have and help pick a strain that will fit the need. A little social small talk a plus while shopping. I would highly recommend this place for first timers to our city. The prices/variety are too good not to . Something for each taste and budget. Nothing over 10 dollars a gram and decent eighths as low as 10 dollars! Shake/trim is good too and available. A must try shop, indeed!”

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Wow, we are so glad to hear that you always have a pleasant experience with us! Thank you for the kind words! We look forward to seeing you again!

“awesome, helpful tenders. great prices!”

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Comment from Cannabis and Glass - Spokane Valley

Thank you!!


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