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Tulsa, OK

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November 21, 2020
So glad that I’ve found this hidden gem! The bud tenders were outstanding and the shop is amazing. Great prices from what I’ve been paying and the flower that I picked up was the best quality that I’ve seen in Oklahoma so far. I highly recommend the Lifted Valley Farms “GG4” and the “Ice Cream Cake” both were outstanding.
December 27, 2022
love the boutique atmosphere. open, welcoming, and many little unique finds. quality concentrate. lasted me way longer than expected. product not watered down.
January 26, 2021
Even though it was almost closing time, Jasmin was welcoming and informative on specials. Very cool dispo and "pot not" shop for all your wants and needs! Will go back earlier in day next time since they open at 8:00 A.M.(and also have early bird deal) CHECK THEM OUT!
May 3, 2021
The owners are always very friendly and down to earth. I attended a fun 420 carnival there a couple of weeks ago and won a huge, beautiful $50 Bong in a raffle. They also have an enormous variety of products to choose from. My husband and I go there all the time.
May 7, 2021
This place is awesome. The staff was wonderful and knowledgeable. They made sure I got every discount or special they offered. I really liked the large selection of items across the board and the aesthetic style is artsy and cool. I will definitely be going back.
June 20, 2021
Ronson was an amazing budtender he helped me thru the whole process it was very easy and the product is high high quality.
August 22, 2021
This is a cool place - good service, good prices and good quality. Light, open room with a great variety of products. They had local art and artists present which I also liked. Owner introduced herself to me and showed me around. Budtender also good. Also not right on a Main Street which I like!
April 9, 2021
Billy rocks go here!
June 15, 2023
This one of the best dispensary’s in Tulsa. Not only do they have HIGH QUALITY products, but the staff and owner are some of the kindest and helpful people I’ve experienced n any establishment I’ve been to. Definitely loyal to you guys! Thanks for being awesome!
July 2, 2022
Didn’t get my budtender’s name, but he hooked it up! I will definitely be going back :)
April 1, 2021
everyone was very nice. ski was awesome.
November 2, 2021
wide selection of beautiful bud under magnifying glass & broad assortment of edibles concentrates & infused pre rolls