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Cannabliss And Co's downtown location! We strive to provide a quality product at a lower cost to you. Home of the 4 gram 1/8th on ALL of our product! This means that you get and extra HALF GRAM on every 1/8th purchase. We've got 5 for $20 House PreRolls, & 2 for $80 Select Strains Co2(pretax)! Choose from a FULL selection of THC Gron Bars for $19 (pretax)! Find YOUR bliss!


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$99 OZ of Cherry Lime Ricky!

Our delicious Cherry Lime Ricky strain is now only $99 an ounce! Coming in at 20.41% THC and 0% CBD. Cherry Lime Ricky is a 60/40 Sativa Dominant Hybrid with heavy aromas of cherry and a citrus-fruity taste. Alleviates depression, anxiety and stress. Uplifts mood, boosts energy and creativity, prompts giggles. Followed by moderate sedation and couch lock. Controls pain and seizures.

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Cannabliss & Co. - Burnside

5 for $20 Pre Rolls pretax! Mix&Match between 13 strains for your $99 Oz pretax! Kick off the Memorial Day weekend with some Bliss!

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“I just got back to the USA after a long trip, 3 days ago I got in with my international Drivers License. Today I came and the person that's in the front door doesn't allow me in and states is not possible with this document (same one I see last time also ; this is the same guy that serve as a budtender during my last visit; not only he's terrible at his job as he was breaking the nuggets in small pieces to try to make a 0.10 which any grower will consider an insult but the guys is passive agressive and extremely racist. It is very disappointing to see there's people like these working at a Cannabis facility... shame on Oregon and the OLCC ”

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“the young gentleman at the counter wearing plaid was a complete space case. He didn't look stoned at all but was totally dumb founded by a few simple questions... Another thing was he told me OMMP card was expired a few times(without looking at the card), when it was a brand new card, I actually had to point out the expiration date out. The gentleman who helped me was rad though :)”

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