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Budder | Stardawg (Corey Cut) by Smash Hits | 1g | Crispy Commission

Strain rating:
THC 74.7%
CBD 0.0%
Budder | Stardawg (Corey Cut) by Smash Hits | 1g | Crispy Commission
1 gram
Canna Provisions - Lee
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|316.2 miles away

About this product

JJ of Top Dog genetics famously bred this Stardawg using the “dawg” vs “dog” spelling out of respect to Chemdog (and to avoid confusion in the strains bred by each). What that also means is the Corey Cut is the coveted phenotype breeder AJ (of Sour Diesel fame) brought to the game, and he gave it the “Corey” moniker for reasons he can tell you if you ever meet him. We can tell you it’s got plenty of the traits of its parents in the nose department. Of the various Stardawgs, the Corey Cut is the “novices-beware” one to write home about. FAMILY HISTORY: Chem 4 x Tresdawg PALATE: Spice, sour citrus and misty diesel gas, and essence of garlic for those who can catch it. EFFECT: Mental uplift and body flattening heavy hitter with a tendency to turn philosophical.

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