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Cornerstone Research is a Prop D Compliant, non-profit collective whose focus is on cannabis therapeutics and the wide variety of its medicinal applications. Our goal is to provide a safe, responsible, and welcoming environment for our patient community. Drawing on over 9 years of practice we offer personalized service aimed at treating specific ailments and conditions. We employ strict testing standards to ensure the purity and quality of our medical grade products. We know that choosing the right cannabis medicine can be difficult. Many patients respond differently to cannabis strains, therefor we rely on patient feedback data collected over many years to help them make more informed choices. The variety of our medical cannabis genetics are unmatched, highly effective, and include several medical Cannabis Cup winners. If you are interested in becoming a patient of ours please give us a call for your initial consultation. New membership is by appointment only.

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“I have benefited from medical cannabis consumption for over 30 years, so I think I have a bit of experience on the subject. Being a patient member of Cornerstone for the last eight years. A Top Shelf collective in every sense of the word. I think it may help others, so I'd like to address the concerns of the reviewer below, "Marygrassrootsbee”. There is a handicapped spot right in front. If the others are full I park one block down the street. Much like a specialist Doctor's office, the location has no sign or green cross symbol on the window because they respect the privacy of the member patients who visit. By being very thorough with the legal paperwork and your doctor's recommendation paperwork, Cornerstone can be sure their doors stay open, by there not being any legal hiccups. I have never encountered un-friendly people here. I have noticed that the people while working, are sober here, unlike almost all other collectives. Cornerstone takes it's responsibility to the patient very seriously. To be sure they can be of utmost help with each patient's individual medical needs. A very small consulting fee, much like speaking with a doctor about your needs, is figured into your donation amount. That goes towards keeping the brightest and most knowledgeable people on staff. Their knowledge and experience will actually help you with your specific health concern. Also taxes are included. Every other collective open also charge taxes. You just don't realize it because Cornerstone is the only one that itemizes the amounts on the receipt. The medicine itself is the highest quality of any collective. You will not find better medicine, period. You get what you pay for. You don't go into the best quality restaurant and expect Denny's prices do you? Often organic and they take the time and care to properly dry and cure the flowers. They don't rush the process. The flower smells, flavors and potency are unsurpassed. Most THC and CBD concentrates are made in-house and all are sovent-free, which is wonderful for patients who don't enjoy inhaling butane and other toxic gases. They grow their own plants according to what the patient's need, not what's going to grow the fastest or make the most profit. And they specialize in award-winning CBD cannabis varieties that are not found elsewhere.”

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“Very unfriendly. Very, very, unfriendly. I am used to a warm welcome from compassionate staff, my experience here was very different from other dispensaries. 5 parking spots for patients. There is no sign or storefront obvious from the street. A guard asked me if I was looking for cornerstone, then escorted me into a small waiting room. Ibwas briskly asked for my paperwork and id twice, then informed multiple times I should bring more than my two original signed prescriptions in future. I have a third which I keep seperate in case I lose my purse. I read and reread the extensive paperwork, which was mstly about cornerstone's policies such as being polite to their neighbors, not opening products anywhere near their location, not parking anywhere in the residential area nearby etc. Cornerstone charges strange "fees" and taxes, adds 3% for some reason and boasts how lucky they are to be open during the hours I patronized them. I felt like a criminal during the entire process and let them know candidly I would not be returning. I was repeatedly told that I was being given a free consultation by attempting to shop at cornerstone. The vibe was sketchy and shady, the staff were rude and unbecoming, the products were mysteriously overpriced. I wish I had never entered this collective. I prefer to spend my money at businesses where the employees are considerate.”

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