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We are a resource center for Central Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients. We strive to provide patients with safe access to medicine, as well as an informative, professional experience.

We offer a wide array of cannabis infused products as well as an excellent selection of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

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“Diamond Tree is not a medical friendly dispensary anymore. For years we fought to gain the right to legally obtain and use marijuana as medicine. When a medical patient walks threw any dispensary they should have priority over who is next in line. Why. Because it's used as medicine. Medical patients shouldn't have to wait behind recreational users rush hour or not. I think a hand full of dispensaries including diamond tree has forgotten why their even in business to begin with. It was to provide safe access to medicine for medical patients seeking treatment through cannabis. Figure it out diamond tree or just hang a sign on your door that says " medical patients will be treated like recreational users."”

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“perfect east side location, easy to find. If you can't find it, you probably shouldn't smoke in the first place. jk. friendly knowledgeable staff. I heard horror storeys about horrible waiting times, but what do you expect during peak hours. great product, great staff, I'll definitely be coming back. p.s. I've never spent more than 15 minutes waiting there. pick your spots people. Its like going to the grocery store at 5pm, expect a long line.”

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