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“First and foremost i want to commend DT Madras for its EXCEPTIONAL customer service, from staying open until late night, to warm and inviting bud tenders to eye catching, unique strains, they have a solid foundation for a great shop. There is one large disappointment that I face EVERY TIME i visit. This is the fact that, though the variety is plentiful and the strains are unique, the product itself has gone from a let down to down right disappointing. I feel like this location gets the left-over "buds" from the other Diamond Tree locations. I say this because EVERY jar is filled with shake, stems and micro sized nugs that are mostly all stem and look like they've been handled thoroughly and drying out in a turkey bag for a couple weeks. Either that or its popcorn. This is the one and only reason why I haven't made this shop my go-to, regular stop. Now I just stop by when i desperately need to medicate and no one else is open. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this! I know from coming often that most of your customers have less to spend thus the BB shake is sufficient, but i know for a fact that there are plenty more people, especially myself that would really, REALLY appreciate some well trimmed, decent sized, healthy looking buds to take home. Thank you. For your time and know that this is nothing personal. Cheers!”

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“Awesome flower!! Best in town!! Best prices for the amazing quality. Dont waste your time at other places.. Especially Plantae...”

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