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We exist to make it simple and easy for qualified patients to get safe access to the highest quality information and expertise. You can visit elevele® in Highland Park, IL as of March 23, 2016. You’ll find there is no lingo. No code words. No hype. Just sincere, medicinal cannabis experts with a customized approach to your care in a clean, safe, secure and supportive environment. For many years, medicinal cannabis has been misunderstood. We’re here to bring a sensible and informed perspective to your care. Learn for yourself and discover a great experience with experts that can help you find your level.


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Elevele Patient Discounts

First time patients receive up to $20 off of your first purchase at Elevele 10% off for Disability (*Must provide proof of disability benefits) 10% off order for Veteran's 10% off order for Senior Discount (65 and older)

Valid until 2/5/2020.

Discount applies to cannabis items only. Paraphernalia not included in discount. Only one discount valid per visit.

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InGrownFarms (IGF) Chocolate-Dipped Mango's are back!!!

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“Elevele has the best staff I've ever encountered in a medical cannabis dispensary in my 7 years of having a medical marijuana card between here and my previous residence. On Saturday July 15th I went in to get my flower because that is my preferred method of consumption and the staff knows me really well so I was looking for a point in the right direction in something new. I love the Huckleberry Kush so I got an 8th of Platinum Huckleberry because, why not? Paul tells me check out this new flower "Chi-Dawg" popcorn nugs. I've never been disappointed in any flower recommended to me from any of the staff here, so when I get home i settle in, put my Platinum Huckleberry in a jar with my Boveda moisture pack. I sit down, open the Chi Dawg; the aroma took me away. It was an instant earthy, sinus clearing scent. I took out my flashlight on my phone and the nugs were lime green with some dark leaves, nice orange hairs. I gave it the "squish test" to check out the density it had some nice tightness and density, some nugs were a little lighter and I personally love it because my main way to smoke is Bong and Blunts so when it breaks out it is nice and solid little pellets that form perfectly and burns very evenly. Taking a snap in the bong tastes amazing, very clean tasting and smoother than I expected for how potent the flower is. In a blunt the flower taste the way it smells, earthy, potent and kind of bitter sweet. The snap I took first, it took, 2 .1 snaps and instantly had an effect; calm, anxiety instantly started to calm, my heart rate slowed, I started to relax and read a little bit of news. My peak came about 35 minutes after smoking and lasted about 50 minutes at that peak euphoria and had about a 20 minute come down to where I started. I went and proceeded to roll up a .8 blunt in a "Diamond" Swisher. about half way through I felt completely relaxed, muscles started to relax, I was content sitting there smoking not looking at anything, no TV, no reading, nothing to keep my busy and with ADHD that is very difficult for me to do and this worked. I finished smoking the blunt in 1 sitting in about 12 minutes and in about 30 minutes I was at my peak, enjoying dinner, then I sat down and watched TV for about an hour before playing a game of Madden and then I was ready for bed. I slept like a baby, woke up refreshed, and will definitely be going back for more of this Chi Dawg. Hands down, a highly effective flower. I'm still enjoying the Chi Dawg, when I get around to the Platinum Huckleberry, I'll let you know how it is.”

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“Well located, knowledgeable staff, nice atmosphere. ”

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