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“The staff and location are fantastic. The tincture is great. The vaporizer is a terrible product. Stops working. I've had nothing but problems with it. Went back. Bought another one. Same thing. Terrible. Save your time and money and get their other products, not the vape pen.”

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“This was my very first visit to a dispensary! And since this is the first review here, I'll try to be fairly thorough. After extensive research on the few options in NYC, I was sold on Etain's quality claims. Especially their vape oil, which they claim is the only additive-free medical cannabis oil in the state. Pure CO2 extraction. (By the way: As of late 2017, the actual plant is still forbidden, even as medicine. The stock photos in many NY medical marijuana resources are misleading. We can only have a limited range of extracts. Not even edibles! But they allow capsules. Hmm. It's a start.) I happened to visit Etain at a slow time, so there was no wait. Everyone from security to the pharmacist was very courteous and helpful. The atmosphere is somewhere between a Park Avenue pharmacy and a SoHo art gallery. My purchase was the small "Forte" vape oil cartridge. This is their high-THC variant, which includes a touch of CBD for balance. The pharmacist assured me that all the plant's other terpenes are in there, too. They included a free battery with a slim, hard case with custom molding to also store the charger piece and a cartridge. The design is mostly white and magenta, very bright and flowery. Not my style at all, but this is medicine, not a fashion show. Worth noting nonetheless. As for the medicine itself: I feel wonderful. My PTSD is more under control than ever. This product is good for me during the day. Moderate doses do not make me sleepy, and indeed perk me up. But even most sleepy strains, which the pharmacist suggested may be the dominant component here, don't make me very drowsy. They often wake me up! This may be helpful information, since NY currently allows only five "strains" per dispensary, with even a restriction on colorful names. So you have to wonder which strains are being extracted. We can only go by the effects. Although I can't resist trying the other dispensaries in my area soon, I suspect Etain will always be the one to beat.”

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