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“I'm a huge fan of etain. First off, their tinctures are elegant, tasty and expensive. Their vape pens are garbage, however. The product in the vape pen is spectacular, but they seem to have been screwed by whomever they tapped to make their vape cartridges. They do not offer refillable bulk oil. You have to buy their lousy, branded vape device. It clogs and leaks and stops working well before you are done with the contents. New York medicinal cannabis is crazy expensive, so this just is not ethical. Add to this that when you finish with the cartridge, you throw it away. Environmentally a terrible product. Everything else they make is great. Their dispensaries are clean and comfortable, but not sterile or pretentious. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I use them when I can afford their products. I will never buy their vape pens again, however. I'm against inhaling vapor or smoke, anyway. It will be nice when New York State allows people to cultivate at home and make their own products. In places like Colorado, a patient on limited means can infuse coconut oil for a fraction of the price of a typical New York allowed product. For the price of one of eTain's tinctures ($165), a person could make two months worth of edible coconut oil, at home...if it were allowed. Once New Jersey and New York allow recreational cannabis, I'm afraid this amazing little gem of a business will be struggling. I wish them luck. Sorry they seem to have been stuck with a ton of branded vape cartridges that suck.”

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“I’ve been to Etain twice now to fill my prescription. I’m extremely happy with the results of the Balance capsules. The staff are caring, helpful & knowledgeable. The space is inviting without the typical, tired stoner art. It’s a beautifully designed Manhattan boutique selling high-quality products. It’s expensive, but I’ve had lots of top-shelf cannabis and this is some of the best medicine available so it’s definitely worth the cost.”

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