Florin Wellness Center
Closed Now  — opens at 00:00
1421 47 Ave, Sacramento, CA
  • Recreational
  • Storefront
3.7 out of 5 stars
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Quality | 4
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Atmosphere | 3
👊🏽 bump is how you'll be greeted by budtenders at FWC. Seasoned staff are super chill and informative. However, know your stuff when dealing with newer tenders, because they'll tell you anything to sell you anything. I've found that FWC's products are fresh, efficacious, and reasonably priced. The atmosphere is liquor store-esque;very drab and cold. However, the vibe is always chill, the music is always bumpin, and unless you're on your cell phone, security is just as chill as the tenders. FWC advertises that all their products are SHH tested for impurities among other chemicals, and that gives me piece of mind. The location is discreet, and has plenty of private parking, but watch out for the bump when coming and going. Hopefully they remedy this obstacle soon. The selection of products is vast with edibles, concentrates, flower galore. Plus, they have a fair reward system that automatically updates your account with reward points that may be used toward purchases.
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