Fuzzy Trees Dispensary

Tulsa, OK

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August 27, 2023
Oh my gosh, this little dispo! And no reviews yet? I discovered Fuzzy Trees yesterday and I will definitely be back again! My wife told me she'd heard about this place near her job that she wanted us to check out. I've been going to the same place a long time because they had 'oz deals' I didn't see anywhere else. That is until yesterday lol. I was amazed at how well I made out. I asked the lady her name, she said it was Fuzzy lol, and she's a very nice lady. I didn't get to actually buy any of it, but I saw a 38+ % thc strain on the top shelf, a little higher priced. But right now I'm enjoying some SWEET Pineapple Haze (25-ish and lots of pinene terp) that she sold me, a half ounce for $35.00. I can't get that kind of deal at the 'other' place. They don't have two tiers. You know what that means. I might have found me a new favorite dispo. Sorry for typing this while medicated.