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Kali (small buds/b-buds/nuglets)

Strain rating:
THC 29.4%
CBD 0.1%
Kali (small buds/b-buds/nuglets)
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About this product

Total Cannabinoids: 34.36% - The Kali is a 100% pure indica strain that is a native Afghani Landrace that's infamous for its creeping mind and body effects. The Kali high starts with a slowly building euphoric effect felt mainly in the forehead and the back of the neck that leaves you uplifted and giddy with happiness yet somewhat hazy. An electric jolt of energy felt in the spine breaks you out of this haziness, leaving you slightly motivated with a mellow sense of focus. This tingliness quickly fades into a potent body high that leaves you utterly stoned and completely sedated for hours on end. This bud has a classic Landrace aroma of sweet citrusy pine with a hint of pungent earth as the nugs are smoked. The taste is of sweet citrus with a hint of pungent earthy pine upon exhale that becomes slightly spicy at times. This bud has large and leafy airy yet somehow dense light minty green cone-shaped nugs that are completely covered with long dark amber hairs and are coated with a frosty thick glaze of amber hued crystal trichomes.

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