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Magic Number Sasparilla 25mg Soda

THC 25.0mg
CBD 0.0mg
Magic Number Sasparilla 25mg Soda

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Magic Number's Sasparilla Soda brings a creamy sweet old fashioned experience to their all-natural canned beverages. With the flavors of liquorice, caramel, molassas, and vanilla beans, the only thing missing from this is a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a float. Whether you’re up for a day on the river or down for a night on the town, our all-natural single strain live resin sodas, in a variety of strengths for different experience levels, provide a uniquely magical quenchalicious experience. Sweet, bubbly, and delightful...this soda redefines the liquid edible experience. Nano-emulsified single strain live resin (or rosin) combined with 100% all-natural flavors and delicious Bend water, with terpene levels between 1-5%. Nothing artificial and never distillate. Resealable lids allow multiple servings from a single can while maintaining carbonation and freshness. Strain information and input type is always printed on the front of the label. Brewed in Bend, Oregon since 2014. Cheers to the cannabis revolution!

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