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A10-18-0000229-TEMP Since 2005, the Green Door has consistently been a top resource for the Bay Area's medical cannabis community. Our relationships with growers have been cultivated over years, and we always have top-quality buds, as well as high quality budget options.


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“I went on vacation from Idaho to California from my nephews birthday this February on the 17th. The day that I got in from the Oakland airport I went straight to this shop and got a Vape cartridge and a Vape battery. (Open Vape Ish) for A decent price of $40 The cartridge only lasted one day because I smoke heavy so I went back the next day to get another cartridge. I wasn’t thinking and left my battery at home and explained to the sales representative that I got a cartridge and battery from this exact location the day before. Everything was cool and I told him I needed a new cartridge and he got me a full Spliffin Cartridge for 56$ once I got to my car I put the battery on the cartridge and The cartridge wasn’t compatible with the battery I bought the day before. I took my receipt and the product and I explained everything to the return specialist and they pretty much didn’t do anything for me other than give me 15% off of a $40 battery that is compatible ( witch was a spliffin battery) Long story short shame on me I should have known but shame on them as well for not being more thorough in explaining what works with what and also their return policy is horrible. It made my California trip and little miserable considering I was on a budget and had to cough up an additional $40 because the lack of information given from their specialist. Good store horrible service. ”

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“Excellent service from mark”

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