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MPX Select Rainbow Belts 2.0 Flower

Strain rating:
THC 27.8%
CBD 0.1%
MPX Select Rainbow Belts 2.0 Flower
Only available for purchase in-store
⅛ ounce  –  $50.00
GrowHealthy - Gainesville
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About this product

Rainbow Belts 2.0 is a cross of Zkittles and Moonbow. This strain is a must try for all candy/dessert strain lovers. She is well known for her super sweet, tangy and candy like nose. Patients also love this strain for it's very light green and incredibly frosted buds! A must try for any lovers of classic west coast dessert genetics. [dosage] MPX Select Flower 3.5g - $45 At 20% potency, 2.5mg per inhalation 4x daily = 10mg daily Price per 30 day supply: $19.00 Price per 50 day supply: $32.00 Price per 70 day supply: $45.00 [/dosage]

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