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MPX Select Super Boof Flower

Strain rating:
THC 31.1%
CBD 0.1%
MPX Select Super Boof Flower
Only available for purchase in-store
⅛ ounce  –  $50.00
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About this product

Super Boof is cross of Tropicana Cookies and Black Cherry Punch. The Trop Cookies parent dominates the scent and taste profile of this strain with strong and delicious notes of orange peels, citrus, and sweetness. The Black Cherry Punch also shines through in the appearance with an intricate mix of purples, oranges, and greens in her bud color. While this strain may give some consumers uplifting effects, it is a treat for all to try with its medley of a citrus and cherry notes and potent effects! [dosage] Product may differ from image. MPX Select Flower 3.5g - $45 At 20% potency, 2.5mg per inhalation 4x daily = 10mg daily Price per 30 day supply: $19.00 Price per 50 day supply: $32.00 Price per 70 day supply: $45.00 [/dosage]

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