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The Hashish Hut is your local full service family owned dispensary in Gunnison. Bring your valid 21+ form of state-issued identification (drivers license or passport). We're so informative and helpful that you'll love your ispensary experience! We carry a great selection of Hashish, Flower, Concentrates, Oils, Vapes, Edibles, Topicals, Glass, and the region's largest selection of Pre-rolled Joints !


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$35 Shake Quarters: Strawberry Banana (H) 25.10% THC Aghani (I) 28.23% THC Sour Diesel (S) 26.73% THC $100 Ounces: Golden Goat (S) Killawatt (I)

Valid from 1/1/2018 to 7/1/2018.

These deals are available daily until it's all gone!

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Hashish Hut

Z-7 Shatter (High CBD) from LAB710 in Denver is now on the shelf -- 30.5% THC plus 34.2% CBD ! (It's also a great value at just $18/g).

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“Absolutely LOVE this shop. The staff is so knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. It's Not a huge shop but everything they have is really great quality product. I've been to a lot of other shops in the 2 weeks that I have been here visiting, and this was by far my favorite. Really Recommend checking this place out. ”

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Comment from Hashish Hut

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that you were pleased with your visit to our store, and especially that you chose us as your favorite! Thank you so much for your review because every bit of the customer's input is greatly appreciated as it helps us make things even better so we love the feedback! Hope to see you again soon! :)

“You can tell when you get there that this place is run right. I thought I was a pretty educated buyer, but as I listened to the tender on the other side explaining things in easily understandable terms to a first-timer, I actually learned a little. Not to overgeneralize, but the other places in town feel either corporate or sketchy (or both) - I'll just stay with the hut.”

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Comment from Hashish Hut

Thank you so very much for your review! We are overjoyed to hear you were pleased with your experience! It means a lot to receive positive feedback from our customers. We seriously do our best to be as informative as possible with our guests so that proper knowledge can be shared. It's great to hear that you were satisfied with the service you received and even better that you decided to share your experience! We are here to help people however we can and to assure a quality, personal experience with us. No sketchy, corporate stuff here! Hope you come back soon :)


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