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The Hashish Hut is a full service, mother/daughter owned, 21+ recreational marijuana dispensary located in Gunnison, Colorado. The Hut is best known for its consistency in quality flower, wide selection of products and the knowledgable, efficient staff! We serve guests from all over as long as they provide a valid 21+ form of identification such as a driver's license or passport with photo. We make every effort to be as informative and helpful as possible to assure you a quality dispensary experience! Well-known, popular brands carried in store are: Indigo Pro, O-pen Vape, Wana, EdiPure, Blu Kudu, Mary Janes Medicinals, Zoots, Cannapunch, Rx Green, Concentrate Supply Co. and many more! We offer a great selection of flower, concentrates, oils, vapes, prerolled joints, edibles, topicals, and glass. Also, there are daily and weekly sales on various products always going on so every day is a deal at the Hashish Hut! Come by the store to check us out and we can take care of all your cannabis needs! Stay updated on our flower menu and store deals here on our page as well as additional information such as store hours, location and contact information!


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Weekly Specials

*Cherry Diesel (75/25 Sativa) THC 34.2 THC - $12/g, $28/8th, $56/Qtr, $130/halfoz, $260/oz *2)Bubba Berry (80/20 Indica) THC 25.25 THC - $12/g, $28/8th, $56/Qtr, $130/halfoz, $260/oz

Valid from 9/18/2017 to 9/26/2017.

We change our specials out each week. If we run out of one strain or both, then it is restocked with new ones so you always have a deal! These specials are usually one Sativa strain and one Indica strain selected from our main lineup for variety. These weekly deal strains are not popcorn or bottom shelf flower. They are simply cycled out of our regular lineup so quality is still a guarantee! Keep an eye out for some of your favorite strains becoming the weekly specials! Stay updated on those weekly deals here on our Leafly page!

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Hashish Hut

Sale Alert! 30% off Zoots Kooki Dough Bites! Grab some before they're gone!

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“You can tell when you get there that this place is run right. I thought I was a pretty educated buyer, but as I listened to the tender on the other side explaining things in easily understandable terms to a first-timer, I actually learned a little. Not to overgeneralize, but the other places in town feel either corporate or sketchy (or both) - I'll just stay with the hut.”

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Comment from Hashish Hut

Thank you so very much for your review! We are overjoyed to hear you were pleased with your experience! It means a lot to receive positive feedback from our customers. We seriously do our best to be as informative as possible with our guests so that proper knowledge can be shared. It's great to hear that you were satisfied with the service you received and even better that you decided to share your experience! We are here to help people however we can and to assure a quality, personal experience with us. No sketchy, corporate stuff here! Hope you come back soon :)

“Service is awesome. Helped me with the right flower I needed and I'm from Arizona so I def like my flower a certain way. Bought from other places around and it wasn't good it was small popcorn nugs. At Hashish Hut I found big frosty good nugs. Fire. Def recommend anybody looking for good quality flower. Remember you pay for what you get. ”

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Comment from Hashish Hut

Thank you for your review, sir! I remember talking to you and showing you those big, frosty good nugs! We do our absolute best here at the Hashish Hut to maintain consistent, quality flower and other cannabis products. That's a guarantee! Once again, thank you for the response and your review of our shop! We are always using customers' input to help make things even better! Come back soon! :)


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