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Sacramento, CA

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January 27, 2019
Very very rude staff that doesn’t know what they’re doing
January 8, 2016
Nope. Security person was nice but I happened to come here right around when work usually gets off. It was crowded and chaotic. The bud tenders were standing behind counters and would just walk you around to look at product. Don't feel like they give much thought to medical issues you might have. I get the vibe that this is a good place to go if you know what you want / are recreational users. Not for people who are genuinely interested in medicating for specific ailments. Also, their registration sheet didn't ask for what ailments you're suffering, unlike for example Abatin.
May 11, 2013
New patient to D.O. and I loved it. They had a huge selection, especially in different price ranges and strains. I got a free pre-rolled for being new. I will definitely return.
September 22, 2017
preroll was not in a cone and was rolled in a cigarette roller with no tip or filter. the bud was not dry and it wouldn't stay lit. not impressed. shady area. won't be back
May 5, 2013
Amazing place with very nice people, excellent medicine for reasonable donations. These folks have some of the best smoke I've purchased in over thirty years -- yes, I can remember very good weed. They also have cuttings, edibles, concentrates, etc etc, all very good. It can be a little crowded there, the only problem being parking. Truly an amazing place with nice people and super smoke.
October 14, 2019
Great place. Been coming to this place for over a year. Great bud. Great prices. And frequent discounts. Nick is an amazing bartender!
February 4, 2017
Excellent staff. Great customer service. But what happened to the Deals tab??
January 11, 2017
the workers are awesome at customer service and they know their stuff. Always know I can come here and get something I love or try something new.
September 5, 2015
First time here and registration wasn't overwhelming. Security guy was really nice and you can tell he really cares about hospitality and safety of the patients. Medicine smells fresh. Wish they had a little more options though
June 26, 2015
Great service. Great dro.
December 10, 2014
staff is friendly and knowledgeable, I have tried many different strains there and I enjoyed all of them. I will definitely be back.
September 6, 2014
It was my first visit here, and I was blown away by the service and selection. This place was popular but despite this, check in was fast and almost no wait time to see a budtender. My budtender (Toby) explained their product set up, was direct to the point, and answered any question I had. Service was fast, but I didn't feel rushed. Their selection is vast, and prices vary to allow you to pick what works for your budget. I was psyched to find bhang bars here! I've been looking for those since my old dispensary got run out of my neighborhood. Picked up a Bhang bar and a couple of waxes. Only thing is they only take cash... not a huge deal, but I just wish I knew ahead of time to avoid the extra charges I incurred from their atm and my bank. Overall, my experience here was stellar! Thanks, DO! I will definitely be back and recommend you to others!
November 2, 2015
This was my first visit and I was immediately greeted by the security guard upon arrival. The guard had a great personality, was super friendly, and seemed to have a handle on his surroundings without being intimidating. I really was impressed by the effort he made to bring a little customer service to his role. The budtender that I worked with was just as friendly. I didn't get to pick her brain as much as I had reviewed their selection online and already knew what I wanted. However, based on the other conversations that I overheard between other patients and budtenders, the staff generally seemed to be very knowledgeable and friendly. This observation made a notable impression and I look forward to getting to pick their brains the next time I visit. Overall the staff create a very pleasant atmosphere and really seem to make an effort to deliver a positive experience and a quality product.
December 12, 2014
The only place in Sac town to get concentrates. Good donations, good people. I'll keep going.
December 15, 2014
Good Meds for ten a G every time. Top shelf Meds are on point and they also carry very nice clones. They have nice looking women that serve your Meds. The owners could lighten up a bit. But overall my go to club in Sacramento (North Sac)... :)
September 14, 2019
i liked the variety if different strains and i enjoyed how the employees are very welcoming as well and are very knowledgeable of what they do
October 25, 2016
Prefect location to my house & best deals in Portland! Fire top shelf 🔥🔥 my favorite dispensary in Portland #handsdown 🙌🏾
December 10, 2014
Great flowers and edibles!! The staff is friendly and very helpful!! Thanks!!
December 15, 2014
Excellent store, for when your looking for a little more quantity
December 11, 2014
Small place in the heart of Sac. FANTASTIC edible choices, unbeatable quality!! A little on the pricey side but friendly, local, and be sure to try the chai tea ;-)
December 10, 2014
I've always enjoyed walking into this shop. great selection of product and amazing staff and bud selection.
August 19, 2019
This was the first dispensary I went to when I first got my medical card, because it was the closest one to me where I was in Roseville! It isn’t too far from anywhere in sacramento, and they’ve got it all! Usually when people ask me for a product they’ve been looking for, I send them to Doctors Orders, because they have got it all! They have a parking lot, but there is usually a lot of street parking around! You may have to wait, but it is worth it to see the familiar friendly faces at Doctors Orders. And it’s true, they will help you figure out what your body needs in order to feel the way you want to feel! And since they have a really great selection, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for! I am a brand ambassador Heavy Hitters, a vape cartridge company, which means I get to visit once a month and educate customers about our product! I love coming here because I get to see so many different people! They see so many new customers, and regulars, the budtenders are genuinely knowledgeable about what you will need! Literally, just what the doctor ordered!
October 24, 2013
Twas my first visit to this dispensary and my second visit to any dispensary. As a newb I was a little confused on what to do and not to do (no phones, don't touch the lids, etc.). But the kid who helped me was really nice and helpful in helping me pick out some wax. Oh the wax! Soooo goooooood. HUGE selection. Will definitely being going there to buy my wax!!
August 26, 2016
Friendly people, daily specials and nice glass 😀