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MedMen - Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, CA

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11 Reviews of MedMen - Beverly Hills

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June 27, 2019
This place is the ABSOLUTE WORST. I tried again today to use this Medmen...I even brought them a new customer today and while she talking with the consultant, their security guard told me I had to leave because they had a bad experience with me before. I told them they were the ones that had provided the bad experience in the past and they were only asking me to leave because of my bad yelp review. I was more than happy to leave though. After the last review, their manager had even called me before to ask me to come back and give me a credit which I declined sharply. Again, this Medmen is the ABSOLUTE WORST AND DESERVES TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS.
November 23, 2018
tons of product options at varying prices! kind and chill staff work here. as well
November 23, 2018
Bud tender was very well educated and was eager to teach. Staff was very friendly and welcoming. Inventory was plentiful. Lots of items to choose from. Very pleased with my experience.
January 15, 2020
It’s absolutely ridiculous that I can’t ever get an ETA on delivery, until there 5 minutes away. On top of this, I have to attempt to get ahold of my ETA via-text, email, social media...nothing. Worst service ever. I will never return.
December 1, 2019
I came in to get a CBD product to help with eczema which I get when I’m stressed. I asked a guy for a recommendation and showed him some mild (not contagious) skin irritation on my arm and he looked at it and said “Ew don’t touch me.” Not only was he rude, he also had practically no knowledge of CBD at all. I didn’t want to run the errand again so I ended up getting a vape cartridge but it was frozen for some reason, like every time I used it, I had to melt it with a hair dryer. It was $70 so it wasn’t even cheap. Then I got the same product from another dispensary and didn’t have any issues with it needing to be melted before use.
March 17, 2018
Great vibe from tenders also very helpful in choosen good budd two thumbs deadhead og
May 30, 2021
I went her back in January 2020 before the crisis ☣. it was very good the fanciest store I've been to they have nice displays with tablets built in them. When I arrived the had Presidential Moonrock and OG Kush I also got 1g Lemon Cheese Cake Powder! Strong bluntz
July 19, 2019
When it comes to reliable brand like THC Design they are selling 3.5 jar for $75 while everywhere else is 50-55 flat out the door. When it comes to their generic brand like those gummy by edipure it’s a total waste of money because it have zero high and to me it just a plain gummy. Although on their site they advertise 100% customers satisfaction if you are not happy with their product, they don’t care in reality and won’t lift their finger. Overall I would go shop elsewhere and won’t recommend them .
January 23, 2018
for just opening up as Recreational marijuana location so far no long lines.
August 17, 2019
My favorite location
December 4, 2018
In my last review, i meant to review the West Hollywood location lol. If you can transfer it please do.