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Claybourne 1g Blue Dream

Strain rating:
THC 24.2%
CBD 0.0%
Claybourne 1g Blue Dream
MMD - Hollywood
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About this product

Are you on a quest for an exceptional dispensary near Beverly Hills, CA? No need to look far; MMD Shops Hollywood, an established name since 2006, brings you the finest selection of cannabis products in the heart of Hollywood. Dive into a state of bliss and creativity with our unique offering, Claybourne 1g Blue Dream. This strain is an indoor-grown, premium selection, appreciated for both its high CBD and THC content. Bask in the Sativa-dominant uplift created by the compelling cross of Blueberry and Haze, which has flags of it being so Sativa-dominant, it gets classified as one! The strain triggers an uplifting head high, casting alongside relaxing and creative effects that include plenty of cerebral activity and the delight of a cheerful body buzz. The vivid blend teases your senses with warm tones of wood, pine, and spice, complemented by the signature fragrance of blueberry. Blue Dream's origin is an interesting tale of cross-breeding over time and regions, from cultivation in Northern California to the creation of distinct strains like Azure Haze and Mystic Seeds. Choose MMD Shops Hollywood, your premier cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, CA, and experience professional service and quality that can only come from over a decade of experience. Enter a world where medical marijuana meets quality, only at MMD Shops, your favorite marijuana store in Hollywood, CA.

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