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Mynt Cannabis is a leading cannabis retail dispensary company. At Mynt Cannabis dispensary locations, patients can find a broad spectrum of options available including flowers, edibles, topicals, vape oils and concentrates made from the highest quality cannabis.


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First time medical patients receive 10% off first purchase!!

First time medical card patients receive 10% off first purchase!!

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XJ-13 is out on the floor, with a restock of Granddaddy OG to come later this evening!

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“Paid about $15 bucks (incl taxes) for a preroll...which is about twice what I pay in AZ. Decent meds (kynd brand), but they definitely know that they are the only place within walking distance of strip-felt bad watching first time elderly medical patients paying ridiculous prices for large amounts of medication. This place seems to be for out of towners looking for a couple of joints only-shop accordingly”

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Comment from Mynt

Hi @clouie, thank you for your review. With the recent recreational legalization of cannabis in Nevada, the combination of greatly increased taxes and demand has naturally caused prices to rise. Our prices are competitive with the current market in Nevada, and we recently readjusted our pricing structure, solely to make our product more affordable. Hopefully we will be able to lower them even more in the near future, but we are currently doing everything we can to make sure our product is affordable! We'd love to have you back!

“I had ordered an ounce online of Miss X Baker at the cost of $115. The picture on the website clearly is on a flower. When I had arrived at the location in Reno NV, they had my bag ready for me. There was no show of the items inside the bag. When I had walked out the the store and looked inside the bag the iteam of Miss X Baker was not flower but bakers batch Cush. As soon as I realized that i headed back into the store to explain to the manager about the situation. When walking in the representative was nice and was willing to get the manager after i had explained everything that happened. When the manager had came up to me I had explained what I purchased online and what I got. He told me "obviously it says Kush on the jar. How did you not see it?". I had explained to him "sir, I was no aware because you as a store had it ready and already in the bag I wasn't able to look into it before leaving". He then responded with the same answer with "it's a lush jar it says it all over the jar" I was trying to ask if there is any way I could replace it with something else of the same price. He responded with "no, because you could have contaminated the jar". For a reference of the situation the jar still had all the plastic, stickers, and rubber band on the jar. He didn't want to come with a compromise and sent me on my way. I do have personal evidence of what I purchased and what i had gotten from the store. I am not satisfied with my purchase or how the manager had handled the situation.”

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