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With a large and ever-growing chain of marijuana dispensaries at various locations in CO, it makes sense that a Native Roots store would be the best medical and recreational dispensary in Northern Colorado. But even with our many locations, we keep the focus on giving every individual customer the best service -- and you can really see that in action at our Longmont dispensary. Whether you’re interested in finding a reliable source of quality medical marijuana near Longmont or would like to try some recreational weed, Native Roots is a great place to shop and learn about your options. Our Longmont dispensary is located on South Sunset Street near St. Vrain Creek, in a quaint and charming part of town. If you know what you are looking for when you shop for weed, our selection of high quality bud and medicinal and recreational marijuana products in Longmont is bound to impress you. Go for your favorite strains, or try something new -- our educated “budtenders” are there to guide you and offer suggestions to help you achieve the good vibes and good feelings you seek. And if you don’t know your indica from your sativa, much less what kind of effects each type of weed produces, we can educate you on your options so you make an informed choice. Besides offering the best bud, Native Roots-Longmont also carries a range of cannabis products that includes cannasap, shatter, wax, bubble, edibles and topicals. There’s something for everyone’s marijuana needs and preferred usage, and you won’t find a better selection of recreational or medical marijuana anywhere near Longmont. With extended hours until 10PM, our Longmont dispensary is sure to be open at a time that is convenient for your schedule. Stop by and see us! LONGMONT’S BEST DISPENSARY Northern Colorado’s #1 Marijuana Dispensary


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2 grams of wax or shatter for just $30/MED and $40/REC!

Valid from 4/16/2018 to 4/23/2018.

Tax not included. While supplies last.

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Native Roots Dispensary Longmont

Swing by your local Native Roots for a chance to win a FREE ounce of flower every month for a year!

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“When I first moved to Denver I was all about Native Roots, but over the course of a year, and becoming medical I transferred my medical card there, and their benefits were NOTHING TO Write home about, they were very rude to me and my fiancé, we were both medical and they refused to let us shop together, and when we would they would be VERY Rude stating we couldn’t even talk to each other, then what finally put the nail in the coffin aside from the fact we are both medical and are/can be very sensitive and have negative effects from certain strains, and we could never get the CORRECT INFO, such a what strains make up their products, simply stated; you’ve got to know the products you’re selling and if you claim a medical dispensary you need to treat them as PATIENTS, and if a couple is together they’re both medical and they’re married don’t hound them for one, and learn and know before you say your product is one thing like say you claim it’s an Indica and I go home and look it up and everything else out there says it’s sativa and I’m having anxiety and paranoia then that means they didn’t even know the products they sold, and honestly that’s how I felt and still feel! They have a VERY RECREATIONAL MINDSET, their products are decent, shatter and wax is all trim run which is expensive In reality, they’ve got two or three strains I consider excellent, 2 at most. But I wouldn’t recommend my enemies to go here let alone my friends! I’ll shop elsewhere it’s Alda’s Longmont doesn’t have any good medical dispensaries, it’s all about the recreational, I’ll go to boulder or down to Denver!”

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“Long lines. Rude workers. Every online order screwed up. Don't bother, ever!”

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