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Lincoln City Oregon's Premier Cannabis Dispensary! MEDICAL & RECREATIONAL! Our dispensary is divided into a central lobby and glass shop, a Recreational Cannabis room and a Medical Cannabis room. Our Full Cannabis herb Menu is available on both sides at the same price (minus tax of course)! The Oregon Coast one stop shopping for the Best Selection of Top Shelf strains with about 50 strains to choose from. We offer clones, seeds, a great medible selection all made in a commercial kitchen, tinctures & topicals. A vast concentrate selection of CO2, BHO, PHO, Solventless, Raw, Live Resin, Rosin, Hash and Keif. Local, family owned and operated with years of cultivation experience. Our goal has always been to help patients in our area by providing them with the highest quality meds and service at the most affordable prices. At Pipe Dreams , we focus on educating patients and caregivers about the medication options available and we are dedicated to helping patients choose the medicine best suited for them based on their individual needs. We have extensive knowledge about the different choices and are happy to answer all of your questions. Whether visiting a dispensary for the first time or looking for something to enhance your vacation Pipe Dreams is your perfect one stop shop for high quality medicine and accessories. Located on the great Central Oregon Coast. Pipe Dreams has never charged membership fees and we never will. 21 an above ONLY.

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Pipe Dreams Dispensary - Lincoln City

HAPPY HOUR ANYONE???!!!?? here it lasts 2 hours! 'Cuz were ALL a little late for 4:20 sometimes ;)

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“By far the best dispensary in lincoln city. Best flowers with great prices. they also have daily specials and happy hour from 6-8 pm with serious steals.The super friendly and knowledgeable budtenders always help with any questions, and make sure i find what im looking for. Will definitely come back regularly.”

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“I'm going to start off saying that I have been to every dispensary in Lincoln county. Been severely disappointed by the lack the facts and knowledge and even customer service that most budtenders in Lincoln county area have. Then I went to pipe dreams, their selections, quality, price were all great. The atmosphere was so friendly. there was a Budtender there with green hair that was so friendly and respectful. His knowledge and and demeanor were wonderful, helped us choose the exact strain that would fit our needs medically!”

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