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Plantae is focused on bringing quality flower, oils, edibles and topicals to our patients at an affordable price. We have three locations in Central Oregon as well as our cannabis farm-to-table farm, Alfalfa Valley Farms. Follow us! @plantaehealth @plantaebend @alfalfavalleyfarms @plantaextracts


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Fat Tuesday

Your first eighth weighted HEAVY at 4.2 grams!

*limited to availability* *subject to change*

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Plantae Madras

It's Fabulous Fat Flower Tuesday once again! Your first eighth (3.5 grams) is weighed heavy at 4.2 grams.

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“Excellent knowledge workers with decent prices and excellent strains”

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Comment from Plantae Madras

Thank you for the review! Please be sure to join us for our daily specials such as Fat Tuesday (your 1st eighth weighed heavy at 4.2g) or $5 joint Fridays! -Plantae

“Definitely the best bud in between Portland and Bend, the blow the other competition in Madras out of the water. I appreciated that the menu was up to date and reflected the current inventory as well as the fact that among some of the lower testers, there was some potent offerings. It was great working with Matt and discussing terpenes, strains, products on the market etc. He was refreshingly knowledgeable compared to the other places I've visited. I read below that due to some of the OLCCs BS you guys are having a harder time procuring top notch bud but actively do your best to provide what you would like to medicate with and I just wanted to say that I appreciate your efforts greatly as the competition seems to have no desire to ensure quality. Thanks again for keeping the online menu up to date! I cant tell you how helpful that is!”

Was this review helpful to you?

Comment from Plantae Madras

Thank you so much for this review! It is so hard to explain to people the issues with getting product in and adhering to the ever changing OLCC guidelines. Luckily we get to work with super cool people like Matt who is not only knowledgeable but has an awesome personality; we will pass the kudos on to him! See you again soon! P.S. we ALWAYS strive for 5's across the board so please let us know if there is some way we can turn that "3" in Quality into a "5" on your next visit. -Plantae


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