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December 18, 2016
One of the best I've been to. The staff are always cheerful and go above and beyond to answer & explain any questions a patient might have. The variety and quality of the flowers rivals most of the stores I've been to before and I'm a 6 yr prop 215 card holder. Rise should be an example of true patient care for future dispensaries to base how the operate. Thank you so much Rise
June 29, 2017
ive been to ever place in reno and in carson and rise is without a doubt the best. from the service to the product the provide. the list of things they have goes on and on. rise is the best
May 13, 2017
Unlike any dispensary or service retail shop in the world. The service is top-notch, the team is super knowledgeable and unbelievably nice, and the products are life-changing! Thanks RISE TEAM! Walking in the store makes my soul so so happy every single time.
February 9, 2017
I have to say it again. best herb in the state. There are a certain couple strains that I can only get here, and they keep me on repeat.. coming back like a boomerang!
July 11, 2017
My first time in any medical dispensary was here, in early 2017. Been using Cannibas since teen years, but had never bought it at a brick and mortar dispensary. I had my legal, psychiatrist approved license for four months and had not used it out of uncertainty and fear. It was only after my supplier spoke a few times about the quality, price, convenience and sheer selection available at these new weed wonderlands that I perked up the courage to visit. My husband, Steve, and I walked into an address on a cold windy afternoon; hoping it was the new dispensary but not sure. We had already been to a medical encounter earlier that day, so I was decompressing from the usual PTSD hangover that follows with nauseating regularity. Dying due to mis-diagnosis and neglect during an emergency room visit to the local hospital in 2007 left me emotionally scared and scarred in medical situations. We were in a waiting room filled with the mouth watering sweet scent of fresh cut grass. Wow, I was surprised. I don't know what I expected, but a clean, comfortable waiting room did not quite fit my images for buying pot. They were busy and nobody was doing any kind of orientation. I felt more unsure of myself cuz I had no idea what the process for moving through this experience may entail, nor did my hubby and I know he does not care for the feeling of being unsure. Clumsily, I produced my license and was escorted into a locked room. This was a larger, open-feeling room with a dozen places to sit. Along one wall is a bank of counters with display cases behind and above. There are loose leaf menus of available product and prices. The people smile welcomingly, even at us who are perfect strangers. My hubby has a guest pass and I can tell from his posture he does not want to stay. I am not sure where to stand cuz there is no definable queue. People are simply lounging around while waiting for their turn. I start crying. It is my turn and I don't know how to speak this new language of sativa or indica or hybrid. I have never read a label on a marijuana product in my life! And.... I had no confidence that there even were labels that existed on any pot product in the world. How could I navigate this new world?? If I hadn't already been exposed to a PTSD trigger that day, maybe I wouldn't have cried so hard. But I just crumbled. Standing right in the middle of this first time experience, and in front of my husband which makes him very uncomfortable. So mixed with my confusion and uncertainty grew a guilt for even feeling so strongly. Helplessness quickly followed, as it usually does in my particular brand of mental illness. So I burst into tears and watched my own helplessness reflected in my husbands eyes. But the cashier knew what to do. She called Tyler, the manager, and introduced us. He then took over and began asking meaningful, medical questions. He was trying to determine where I was at with my needs and past experience with cannibas. Tyler began giving me great information. He had cute, funny memory tricks for learning the difference betweens strains. And the best thing Tyler did for me that day was the way he treated me. It was a healing to be in a tearful state and actually be helped out by pertinent, germaine, meaningful, cute and funny information patiently and kindly, that engaged my intellect and allowed me a way out of the PTSD emotional muck. I love the life of Mind, and Tyler was using mind to teach me how to shop at his shop. I stopped crying just exactly for the moments Tyler was talking. As I look back it must have been darkly comical to see a 57 year old woman sitting at a table with two men, crying unless Tyler talks. But I understood. And I began to see that maybe marijuana could actually help with the PTSD. My biggest barrier to receiving medical treatment was the emotional pain that I recall so freshly and acutely from memory of the original trauma, every time I have any kind of medical encounter. From a return to the scene of the crime, to a phone call with a nurse, visit to the pharmacy, or even taking my own medication at home is a possible/probable trigger for feeling awash in re-fresh trauma. Along with all the great information, I tried a blend that tended toward anti-anxiety. On the easier doctor visits, I began experimenting with using relaxing strains right before and after the appointment to beat back anxiety and helplessness. It worked! My attitude began to change. I was getting a glimpse of how to function as healed. Gratitude fills me. It could have gone vastly different that first visit. I might not have been willing to return. It was Tyler's courage and intelligence that pulled me through the eye of my own personal storm. Now I am able to benefit from all the medical advantages of having access to clean, fresh marijuana. Even labelled twice, smile* I left that day with a few pre-rolled packets and some edibles to try. I returned to use RSO oil to eliminate a tumor, and further treat mental and emotional difficulties like insomnia, depression, anxiety and of course PTSD. If you live anywhere within shopping distance of Rise in Carson City, and you seek good information about modern medical pot use, buy at Rise and plan on spending a few extra minutes asking thoughtful questions and listening delightfully to the heart and soul everyone working there shows for wellness through weed. Helen.
September 28, 2016
This place rocks! The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and the environment was so cool! Unlike any other dispensary I've visited. It has a unique local flare combined with an upscale coffee shop vibe. Most importantly, I left feeling very satisfied with my purchases. RISE is a MUST on your way to/from Tahoe!
November 18, 2016
Fun, fast, and Friendly service! I choose Rise Dispensary above all else. I have had nothing but amazing experiences working with the patient care specialists!
August 13, 2019
Quality: dry,expensive product Service: had to wait a long time despite being slow Atmosphere: hostile, uneducated staff ! Use to be enjoyable when they first opened! Now all the cool fun people are gone ,try some new management or something!!!
October 8, 2016
First time to a dispensary ever. Came here looking for CBD-rich product and left with a pen and product. Staff was very professional and pleasant. Will definitely come here again.
September 24, 2016
They had a very nice staff, and the bud room is super nice . Fire Medz as well. Nice to have a place down the street .
May 7, 2017
I absolutely adore this store and everyone that works there. Tyler and everyone takes such good care of me, I refuse to go anywhere else!
February 22, 2017
Rise has almost become my second home. I always feel very welcomed & am never rushed to find the right strains. The bud tenders are very knowledgable & seem to genuinely care, always hooking me up with some kind of deal. Great bud at a good price & overall a very light hearted & fun atmosphere/experience.
June 17, 2017
After visiting Rise, I never returned to the other dispensary, here in Carson City. The prices are better and the people absolutely rock. They're always very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. This dispensary is far more comfortable, relaxed, and inviting.
August 4, 2017
I personally loved this location, I really felt like everyone was happy to help and I could care less if Carson only stays medical, if it means that I can get specials again. It all started while renewing my paperwork, I remembered that there were dispensaries in Carson. We didn't know they were only medical which sucked for my friends. the hostess was really nice and super cute with her half shaved head. once all the new patient blah blah was done I was taken back and greeted again with big warm smiles, knowledgeable bud tenders, and a really nice selection of flower. this is the spot to go if you're medical and tired of not getting deals anymore. loved this spot and will continue to go back.
June 7, 2017
Fav location to go to. Always has the best selections.
September 23, 2016
Brian C. was my budtender and he was awesome, same with all of the other staff who were super friendly as well! They have opened two weeks early, so they are getting things going still so the wait may be a while depending on how many patients. Great environment, and they are definitely competing with Reno prices!
September 30, 2016
Excellent patient experience. The tender even pulled out my chair for me, helped me into my seat and walked me out. I liked the interior patient waiting room, the selection, menus and pricing. Picked up some clean concentrate. Thanks Rise!
November 14, 2016
Such amazing, friendly and knowledgeable staff!! Tyler and Brian are on point 100%! So is the rest of the staff! I don't live in Carson, but it's totally worth the drive! Product was so good with good pickings! especially that platinum OG! Talk about bomb! Thanks Rise, you made a regular out of me!
June 30, 2017
I love the location excellent staff great customer service. Great potent selection love the product. The building is spacious and they are very accommodating to patients! Keep up the excellent work 🔥
April 27, 2017
Amazing!!! Great people, great atmosphere and a great variety of products. Time with the budtender is one and one and you're made to feel right at home.
May 2, 2017
Awesome place, great atmosphere, and amazing people!
October 31, 2016
This is by far the best dispensary I have ever been to. The knowledge and kindness of their staff is amazing. I learn something new about what strains I like and what terpenes make me feel better. Rise has opened my mind to so many possibilities with medical marijuana. Thank you so much for being here in Carson City!
June 15, 2017
Nothing but good positive people and high quality products.
February 8, 2017
Comfortable setting. Awesome staff!