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San Juan Strains is a PREMIER marijuana dispensary located in the San Juan Mountain range of Southwest Colorado. The “San Juan’s” are the largest and most rugged mountain range in Colorado and have been described as one of the most breathtaking and spectacular mountain ranges in the world. Our grow is nestled below this range at approximately 7,600 ft. Cooler mountain temperatures provide a slower growth cycle which prolongs cannabinoid development. This longer maturation process imbues the buds with more complex compounds, yielding deeper, more interesting flavors. Our shop which opened its doors on 4/20 (go figure...), 2016 is literally on the banks of the glorious San Juan River at the junction of US Rt. 160 and 84 in the town of Pagosa Springs, home of the world’s deepest hot springs. “Pahgosah” is the Ute word for healing waters and fits in with our view of the marijuana plant. Our mission is simply to make San Juan Strains the embodiment of our beautiful surroundings. More simply, “Strains from Above”. Our commitment is to provide hearty mountain grown PREMIER strains that match the needs of our ever-evolving health and wellness consumers. Our team will be dedicated to the education and guidance of our patrons. Come visit us!


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San Juan Strains

Pressed kief, bubble & Moroccan hash now available from the Greenery Hash Factory.

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“I used to love this place but all of the sudden their prices seem to have skyrocketed... ....and they no longer display their prices on leafly? What is going on? I may have lost my Pagosa Springs Go-To Place. If they get their act together I'll give them the 5 stars they once deserved. I will say their service, especially from the older sellers is, nevertheless excellent, and they truly listen to you. Their bud is flushed nicely and Clean. I took this dispensary to be very honest. But major points off for these recent antics. Hopefully, they get their act back together and I can give them the Full 5 Star rating they, up until recently discovered.”

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Comment from San Juan Strains

Hi Lifesaver, I'm feeling a bit confused on this post as we have never advertised our prices online, including leafly. In the future, please give us a call for any price checks. You will find that we have recently lowered our prices, as well as offering ounce specials. Thank you for recongizing the quality of our product and we hope you will come see us again soon!

“This place was great. Nice staff. Had been my wife's first time at a dispensary and the girl assisting us was very helpful. Edibles were good, not as strong as I thought they would be and even got a $2 joint for my birthday. Only bad experience is we got a cartridge vape and pen was defective. Wouldn't hold a charge. Didn't have time to return before leaving out of town. Other than that, great place within walking distance of the hot springs.”

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Comment from San Juan Strains

I'm sorry to hear about your vape. If it was just the battery portion that is defective you should be able to find a battery online that will work. Thanks for the review and hope you enjoyed the birthday treat!


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