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Seven Point is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary conveniently located in vibrant downtown Oak Park, Il. We are here to provide exceptional care to greater Chicago and the western suburbs. Your visit to Seven Point will always include convenient parking, kind and knowledgeable staff, and a clear explanation of how to use your medical cannabis products and accessories. We believe medical cannabis is most effective when coupled with healthful living. Since February 2015, Seven Point has been dedicated to educating patients, caregivers, physicians, and community members about the medical use of cannabis. In addition to continuing our outreach efforts, we provide individualized medical cannabis consultation, physician collaboration, and health and wellness focused activities. We are passionate about being on the pulse of medical cannabis research and treatment options. We listen closely to needs and concerns in order to most effectively partner with our clients. Seven Point will always provide a variety of cannabinoid profiles, ratios, and formulations in conjunction with clear and concise guidance regarding our products and their recommended use.


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Seven Point One Year Anniversary Celebration!

Let's Celebrate! August 24th - Our 1st Anniversary! -Debuting SEVEN POINT. JOINTS! -Food All Day -FREE Chair Massages August 15 - August 27th 12 Days of Unique Specials Featuring an Individual Cultivator Each Day! Daily Specials Buy ANY of the below eighths and get a raffle ticket to qualify to win a FREE 1/8 on the respective RAFFLE DAY! $40- Black Cherry Soda, Hybrid-Raffle Day, August 16th $60- Blackberry Kush, Indica- Raffle Day, August 17th $35- Grandpa Bub , Indica/Hybrid- Raffle Day, August 25th $35- Katsu Star Dawg, Hybrid- Raffle Day, August 25th August 15 50% off ALL Bedford Grow Products! August 16 RAFFLE Day-Win 1/8 of Black Cherry Soda! Buy 1/8 Black Cherry Soda through August 15th and get a raffle ticket to qualify to win a FREE 1/8 Buy Any of the Below Eighths: $60- Jack Herer, Sativa $60- Kavalier Cookies, Indica $55- Kosher Kush, Indica $40- Black Cherry Soda $40- GTI Blue and Get FREE Gram Black Cherry Soda Buy any 2 RYTHM Eighths and get a FREE 1/8 of Black Cherry Soda $100- 600mg Chocolate Bundle 200mg- All-Natural Milk Chocolate 1:1 200mg- All-Natural Milk Chocolate Sativa 200mg All-Natural Milk Chocolate Indica August 17 Raffle Day--Red Headed Stranger Combo Packs (1/8th flower, .5g shatter, .5g budder) & Splash Cartridges $60- Buy 1/8 Blackberry Kush, Indica And Get a FREE gram of Alien Purple Kush or Red Headed Stranger. Also, get a raffle ticket and qualify to win a Red Headed Stranger Combo Pack or Splash Cartridge! . $70- Buy 1 Gram G13 Live Resin, Indica or $80- Gorilla Glue #4 Isolate Concentrate Pack, Sativa (Gorilla Glue #4 THCa Powder and HTE Sauce best when thoroughly mixed together) and get a FREE Silicone Accessory (while supplies last) Buy 100mg Freedom Fudgies (Indica, 2-Pack) and Get a FREE Fruit Goobie August 18 $65-1/4 Holy Grail, Indica $48- 500mg Cartridges Skywalker, Indica Northern Lights, Indica Jack Herer, Sativa $20- 200mg Disposable Flavored Vape Pens Sour Skittles, Sativa Fruity Pebbles, Sativa Tangerine, Hybrid $20- 100mg Chocolate Bars Key lime Crunch, Sativa 1:1 Raspberry & Dark Chocolate, Indica August 19 $50- Choose any TWO Eighths ($25 each) of Shake Below: Pure Kush, Indica/Hybrid Colombian Haze, Hybrid Death Star, Indica/Hybrid And Get a FREE 100mg Gummy August 20 $50- 1/8 Platinum Cookies and Get Two FREE 1/2 gram pre-rolls (Black Jack, G13) August 22 Buy any PTS product and get a FREE gram of L.A. Sunshine August 23 $50- Buy 1/8 Black Mountain Kush (Indica) and Get a FREE 25mg Bubble Sugar August 24 August 24th - Our 1st Anniversary! -Debuting SEVEN POINT. JOINTS! -Food All Day -FREE Chair Massages $19- Special Anniversary SEVEN POINT. JOINTS (introductory price) Shangri La, Sativa/Hybrid- 5 joints, 2 grams Free Gram of Flower, Monster Cookies (Indica) or Gelato (Indica/Hybrid), with any Gold Leaf purchase! $45- 500mg CO2 Cartridges Fruity Pebbles, Hybrid Strawberry Lemon, Hybrid $39 -1 Gram Gelato Live Resin, Indica/Hybrid August 25 GLASS BLOWING at SEVEN POINT! Raffle Day- Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, Glass Accessories Buy 1/8 of Grandpa Bub or Katsu Star Dawg through August 24th and get a raffle ticket to qualify to win a FREE pre-roll, concentrate, or glass accessory! $35 Eighths: Grandpa Bub, Indica/Hybrid Katsu Star Dawg, Hybrid Razzamatazz, Sativa/Hybrid August 26 $45 Eighths: Lime Skunk, Sativa Sweet Baby Jane, Indica $25- Gummies $75- Live resin combo 1.5 gram 1/5 Gram Lime Skunk, Sativa 1/2 Gram Sour Diesel, Hybrid 1/2 Gram 707 Headband, Indica $25- 300mg Cartridges Durban Poison, Sativa Bio Jesus, Indica August 27 $24- Buy 50mg Bottled Freeze Dried Coconut Water and get a FREE pre-roll! Client experience is our top priority. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional dispensary experience at every visit. We adhere to a strong growth mindset and we are 100% Client-Driven. Your opinions, preferences, and needs drive our decision-making and below are some of our best-practices at one year! We offer specials "every day" throughout the week for those on a budget and/or those who would like to try new product for less We host weekly medical cannabis education & registration sessions in our Seven Point Community Room providing comprehensive application assistance including fingerprinting We waive the fingerprinting fee for those who live in or near Oak Park We host Medical Cannabis Education & Registration sessions at local libraries providing comprehensive application assistance including fingerprinting We host Lunch & Learns covering diverse topics from making edibles to fine-tuning a medical cannabis treatment plan We use data-based decision making to ensure that we continue to carry products that you like as well as introduce you to new options We attended CannMed at Harvard Medical School in both 2016 & 2017 to ensure that we share with you the most up-to-date medical cannabis education and guidance We provide medical cannabis education to physicians and other health care professionals We welcome our new Seven Point clients by giving a FREE Seven Point branded accessory kit We offer a Loyalty Program with a savings of 5% We contributed a financial donation to Oak Park Gay and Lesbian Association (OPGLA) in honor of Pride Weekend We contributed a financial donation to a local veterans organization in honor of Veteran's Day

Valid from 8/15/2017 to 8/28/2017.

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Seven Point

Seven Point One Year Anniversary Celebration- Cuvee & Bubble Sugar

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“Such a great experience. Beautifully decorated and the staff is so friendly and warm. They invite you in and ask you to stay a while. Never pushy and always pleasant. ”

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“Great dispensary. Great menu. Switched here from another Dispensary that claimed they would order what I wanted and never did! Free bag of stuff with first time here, which was awesome.”

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