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Seven Point is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary conveniently located in vibrant downtown Oak Park, Il. We are here to provide exceptional care to greater Chicago and the western suburbs. Your visit to Seven Point will always include convenient parking, kind and knowledgeable staff, and a clear explanation of how to use your medical cannabis products and accessories. We believe medical cannabis is most effective when coupled with healthful living. Since February 2015, Seven Point has been dedicated to educating patients, caregivers, physicians, and community members about the medical use of cannabis. In addition to continuing our outreach efforts, we provide individualized medical cannabis consultation, physician collaboration, and health and wellness focused activities. We are passionate about being on the pulse of medical cannabis research and treatment options. We listen closely to needs and concerns in order to most effectively partner with our clients. Seven Point will always provide a variety of cannabinoid profiles, ratios, and formulations in conjunction with clear and concise guidance regarding our products and their recommended use.


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Thursday & Friday Special- Flower Grams, Chocolates, & Coffee!

$60- 5 Flight Cresco Grams (includes all 5!) Lime Skunk, Sativa-24% Outer Space, Sativa-29% Kandy Kush, Hybrid-27% Bio Jesus, Indica-29% 707 Headband, Indica- 25% $38-200mg Cherry Chocolates (Cresco) (4) 50mg Cherry Flavored Chocolates Topped with Pop Rocks! COFFEE-Now-$15, Was $24 -Save 40%(Nature's Grace & Wellness) K-Cup CannaCafe, 30mg Breakfast Blend Donut Shop Gold Blend

Valid from 7/20/2017 to 7/22/2017.

Offer available while supplies last

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Seven Point

Thursday & Friday Special- Flower Grams, Chocolates, & Coffee!

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“Nope. Never ever again. Switched dispensaries before I even left the block. Got here at 10:57 AM and I'm just now leaving at 12:30. I wasn't allowed to go in until someone spoke to me because I was new and I waited an hour. Security guard was super sweet and apologetic of the wait. When I told the woman who came to speak with me that I didn't appreciate the long wait (every single person here is in pain and they know this or else we wouldn't be there)when I did not require nor receive any assistance, she told me that they had a lot of patients. I told her I was a patient too?? She then tried to go over the menu with me but I had already looked at it for about half an hour while I was waiting. She then attempted to tell me what was on each of the pages of the menu. I told her I felt condescended upon because she assumed and I was being treated as a know-nothing. I'm aware that that's what most people are but why not just ask? I felt that it was EXTREMELY rude to make me wait an extraordinate amount of time to have very plain and very simple things that I can read myself explained to me. She told me that they were short-staffed and talked again about how they have so many patients. I asked her why the security guard could not have given me that extremely simple basic information that I waited an hour for her to deliver to me. I never got a solid answer to that but I did get a lot of excuses about having to help other people and about a "process". While I was checking out (and complaining) the woman apologized but continued to give me excuses about how busy they were which I already knew since I saw every single customer they had walk in and out because I had been there since before they opened. I told her that I followed all of the social media pages and went on the website and saw absolutely no communication whatsoever regarding any type of wait to be served the first visit. She did apologize and she told me she would pass my comments along. Why is there no system whatsoever in place so that highly educated consumers do not have to wait to be told things they already know? Why assume that I know absolutely nothing? Why not open your mouth/communicate and ask how much I know? After an hour wait, she came out and told me what was written on a menu that I had no issues reading myself and that I needed to write down what I wanted; not worth an hour's wait at all whatsoever and I will never be back here. I went way out of my way to go to this dispensary because of all the great reviews and the customer service I received was atrocious. They would not have gotten A DIME of my money if I wasn't totally desperate but I was and I spent about $160 here. She told me that the wait was so I could learn dispensary etiquette. Nobody who has a system this inefficient has ANY room speaking to anybody else about etiquette. I am extremely respectful of others' time and rules but Seven Point doesn't believe in reciprocity so I'll take my measly little $600 paycheck that I get every 2 weeks and go somewhere, anywhere else. THIS ISSUE IS SO EASILY FIXED. All they had to do was tell first-timers that there was an orientation. If you're ready and prepared to purchase medicine then write down what you want. If you are not prepared then you must meet with someone beforehand. How hard was that? Why is that protocol not already in place? Their prices are high and I'm not spending any hard-earned cash to be treated like cattle. Seven Point completely ruined my first dispensary experience.”

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“Unfortunately I had a terrible experience at Seven Point. It started with speaking with uninformed staff members by telephone and being assured they either had or could order strains I wished to purchase. Based upon this information I switched to Seven Point dispensary, a 45 minute drive away, only to be informed shortly thereafter SP had 2 eighths of the strain I wanted but couldn't sell them to me and also could not order more. Additionally I was told the strain they thought could be ordered ... now could not be ordered. Three days later I receive a call informing me they received the strain that supposedly couldn't be ordered. I call to ensure they have in stock and to have it ready for pick up in about an hour. So I drive the 45 minutes to pick up the 2 eighths. Upon arrival, I Iinform the receptionist I'm in a hurry, and there to pick up an order. Instead I'm delayed 10-15 minutes. I finally get the products I ordered and am ready to check out, only to be delayed another 15 minutes due to computer problems, that didn't exist just minutes prior. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes, I couldn't wait any longer and had to leave ... without any cannabis!! Over 3 hours of time invested and lost. Not to mention the tolls, gas, wear & tear on my car. A total disaster from start to finish.”

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Comment from Seven Point

We deeply apologize for this confusion and for the inconvenience that it caused. While there is an explanation behind the confusion and delay that you experienced, the important part is that you left Seven Point dissatisfied. We sincerely hope that you will give us a second chance and we will certainly make it up to you. Thank you.


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