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*NEW LOCATION * Airfield Supply Co. 1190 Coleman Avenue San Jose, CA 95110 Airfield Supply Co. is a full service medical cannabis collective. Our boutique style collective offers a selection of the finest medicinal strains, concentrates, edibles, and clones. Airfield strives to provide a healing solution that excels with professionalism and compassion. Located on Coleman Avenue by the San Jose Airport. Our knowledgeable staff will make your medicinal experience comfortable and stress free. *All transactions are subject to State Sales Tax and San Jose Marijuana Business Tax.


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Airfield Supply Co.

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“This is the worst dispensary I have ever visited. The budtender who helped me (no physical description allowed on leafly) was extremely rude and kept talking over me, perceiving that I knew nothing about cannabis, and proceeded to forcibly have me purchase an incredibly low quality 1/8th of dry, yelllowing, innefective cannabis labeled as "Royal Kush." Let me explain what I mean by forcibly, the budtender literally asked me if i wanted to purchase anything else after showing me the product, implying that i had already decided on purchasing the product, which was not the case whatsoever. Furthermore, after pressuring me into making the purchase, i was denied the option of looking at more product, because the budtender once again went on assuming, that i was finished shopping. It was my first time visiting this dispensary and I feel, through the experience that THIS dispensary CHOSE to provide me, that i was exploited based on reasons of perception of lack of knowledge and upselling. Be warned fellow cannabis consumers, on your first visit this dispensary will take advantage of the fact that little is known of their product and will maliciously try to sell patients product that is absolutely terrible at prices comparable to other dispensaries top tier shelves. And, this dispensary charges you $2.50 for a resealable bag if you use up the original two they provide. Another way of exploiting patients who are just trying to afford their medication. 0 stars if I could.”

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Comment from Airfield Supply Co.

We did report your last review because we felt you were cyber bullying one of our staff members with your description of them, it looks like Leafly agreed with us and took your review down. You are always welcome to return a product if there is something wrong with it. We do apologize for the experience you have described, we hold our staff to the highest standards and feel this is out of character for our budtender. We do not maliciously sell our patients product that we think they will not like and we do not charge patients $2.50 for our child proof bags. San Jose recently passed an ordinance that if the product sold does not have a child proof container, the patient must leave with a child proof bag to secure it. We provide two free child proof bags and the third one is $1.50, that is the whole sale cost per bag. We apologize for any miscommunication while visiting Airfield and wish you the best. If you would like to return the product you were unhappy with, please contact me directly at Be Well, Airfield

“Airfield Supply is what a dispensary should be. Everyone I've ever dealt with here from the front desk to the bud tenders was super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I've tried a the other dispensaries in the area but find myself comparing them to Airfield. You won't go wrong by trying them, I'm sure you'll be a fan too.”

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