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We are a fully rec, OLCC dispensary, with all new higher limits! 28g of flower, 5g of extract and up to 50mg of edibles as well as four clones daily! Super Chill staff always looking to brighten your day with an amazing suggestion. Check out our Daily Deals and updates for more info on what we have Going on Today! Tax is included, so the price you see is the one you pay for! Medical Patients do not have to pay the 20% tax. We will soon begin home delivery to those 21 and over, with permanent residence on the island. Please call us for more information! Ivy Cannabis is a family owned and run business, we thank you for your support! ALL PRODUCTS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY


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Deals of the Day March 24th

$15 off Orekron clones! 10% off drinks and syrups! 10% off select edibles! Flower Specials: Blueberry Cheesecake by Sugarbud regularly $12/g, today at $10/g, $30/3.5g, $50/7g Dutch Treat by Lucky Lion regularly $14/g today at $12/g, $35/3.5g, $65/7g

Valid from 3/24/2018 to 3/25/2018.

While supplies lasts!!

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Ivy Cannabis

Happy Friday to all!

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“This spot my friends, is one of the better ones ive been to. Great staff, and awesome selection. The prices are amazing, my carts are usually cheaper here by double digits (select $60 elite, winberry 1g $60) and thats with tax out door. I read some previous reviews and I am kinda disagreeing and not seeing what some of these peeps are even talking about. Weird shaped parking lot, lol are you kidding? They have more parking spots then pretty much any other place in Oregon, and when I buy flower, especially in bulk, I get options, you don't have to take a quarter in 7gs. Furthermore, I couldnt disagree more against buying bulk, you save cash, especially like with the SoFresh or Archive stuff. By the way, they have archive clones, they carry flower from the TOP, stuff you definitely can't just find anywhere, because the better cannabis companies are very choosy with the dispensaries they work with. If these guys at ivy were jabronies, they just wouldnt be working with the types of cats they be working with. Ive met the people who run the place, its family here. Really, if you just communicate, no matter what dispesnary you go to, you can usually get what you need to, usually. This place is exceptional, 99% of oregon places pre package, ive never had product that wasnt really fresh here. Oh, and the cracker barrel is almost there!”

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“I have been here a couple of times, it's a pretty interesting space and over time they have made it progressively nicer and cleaner. The parking lot is somewhat oddly shaped and not too large, but I have never had an issue getting a spot. Flower Selection: They carry a pretty wide variety of strains, I personally think whoever does their purchasing has good taste and picks out a nice variety of tasty strains from a decent variety of quality growers: Geek Farms, Nelson, Lucky Lion, etc. are here usually. Flower Price: They are not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive, I put them in mid tier. You can find most of what they sell elsewhere in town for cheaper, but as I said above they do keep a nice selection/variety of strains, so you pay a little extra for this. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this place for anyone who wants to buy more than 1/8th of a single strain because 1.) they prepackage everything and, 2.) it would seem they often will have nothing larger than 3.5g packages, and on many occasions, just 1g packages. For instance today, I purchased a quarter of Lion's Gold, they did not mention until they had already rung me up that it would be in seven 1g bags. While this might be fine for some, I honestly would not have purchased any at all if they had mentioned it was going to be in tiny bags with the buds somewhat crushed. So my advice overall would be if you want to buy anything in bulk, go to one of the many shops around town that does not prepackage their product. I like this place, and I want to give it business, but until they cut out the prepackaging I would advise to go elsewhere for large dollar purchases of flower.”

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