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Sunday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Sunray Cannabis is an OLCC certified cannabis retailer, located in the heart of the Oceanlake District in Lincoln City, Oregon with ample parking in the back! Serving both OMMP cardholders and recreational customers 21 & Older. We are open 10AM to 8PM Monday to Sunday, to not only help you to find the right product for both your medical and recreational needs, but also to do our best to answer any cannabis related questions you may have. Our wide price range is geared to fit every budget, and the tax is included in all listed prices. Sunray's staff is eager and ready to help, so please stop by and visit us anytime!


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Daily Deals also $3 Grams

Premium Flower Deals: Also $4.20 pre roll $2.5/Gram $12.5/1/8 $84/oz Starkiller OG THC 16.7% $2.5/Gram $12.5/1/8 $84/oz Rebel Berry OG THC 16.7% $5/Gram Obama Kush THC 23.6% $6.7/Gram $18/1/8 501st $8/Gram $25/ 1/8 Voyager 1' THC 28.5% 7 Points $8/Gram $25/ 1/8 Moon Puppies THC 30.74% 7 Points $13.3/Gram $43.3/ 1/8 Sweet Relief OG (aka Sticky Bitch) THC 30.4% 7 Points Dannabis Connoisseur Special as of 1/18/2018 $25/1/8 Lodi Dodi- Trainwreck x Super silver haze $25/ 1/8 Narnia- Jack Herer x trainwreck $25/ 1/8 Moon Puppies THC 30.4%-7 Points $25/ 1/8 Voyager 1 THC 28.5%- 7 Points (Sativa) $33 1/8 Silverhawk THC 29.31%- Yerba Buena (Sativa) Super Silver Haze x the White $37.5/1/8 Valley Girl THC 30.6% (Hybrid) $41.6/ 1/8 Sticky Bitch THC 30.4%-7 Points (Indica) Shatter Deals: Dark Star BHO Premium Shatter: $16.6/Gram FlapJax BHO Premium Shatter: $20/Gram NW Kind BHO Premium Shatter: $20/Gram Willamette Valley Alchemy Shatter $31.6/Grams Premium Oil Cartridge Deals: NW Kind Distillate $28/.5 gram Karma Original Distillated $28/.5 gram Select Elite Distillate Cartridge:$44/Gram on select strains Orchid Essential Cartridge Deals: Orchid Cartridge: $50/Gram Orchid Kit with Battery:$60/Gram Eddible Deals: Willamette Valley Alchemy Retreat Gummies REC $16.6 MED Squibs $15, CBD Squibs $15, Rec Squibs $15 Wyld Chocolate 5mg single serving: $2.5 each

Valid from 3/1/2018 to 4/2/2018.

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Sunray Cannabis

7points "Little points" 30% fire at budget prices. Available in Future1, Voyager1 and Sticky Bitch OG ONLY $36 an 1/8th. GET SOME!

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“Every time I come here it's such a great experience, like back in the day visiting your homie with the hook up. All the selection is wonderful, from the top shelf cutting edge strains down to the bottom shelf which is full of big dank fluffy nugs for those of us on a budget. None of that shakey, stem ridden junk a lot of other shops sell. A $5 gram includes the tax and has levels of cannabinoids you'd expect for $15. Can't say enough about these guys, come check them out.”

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“Simply The Best! The professional atmosphere, the prompt staff, unparalleled quality...what else can be said?? We love these people; not only do the knowledgeable and friendly staff make shopping fun with their easy manner, their great prices, good deals and high-quality choices on every shelf easily make Sunray THE choice for quality cannabis products in Lincoln City! Five-plus stars!!”

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