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“Bad place, bad attitude, acting as if I need them more than they need me. Asked them about strains that is 80%+ Sativa, they didn't know to tell and Were extremely rude to me To the point I felt uncomfortable. When I wanted to check the specs Of the sativa stain I might get on my phone than they told me I cannot and at the end refused to serve me as if I'm doing something fishy, I just wanted to know the strain I'm buying and their lack of knowledge Didn't make it easier for me. Do not recall when I was ever treated so badly :( There's a lot of amazing Shops in the area with only fresh stuff And alot of knowledge and great sales. Had a bad experience with them before but gave it another chance Since its really close to me, My wife also told me same thing after her visit there so stay away if you have a choice. Hope It helps :)”

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“The location is easily accessible but parking can be a problem. ”

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