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“wonderful friendly staff. high quality vape cartridges with out cutting agents. very clean. 🖒 disposable design works great and they will recycle the battery for you!”

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“I have been a customer for several months and purchased 3 vape oil cartridges last month. As I got to the end of the 1st cart, not only did it begin to clog but I can see the remaining medicine but it's not vaping. So, I call and speak with the Assistant Manager who tells me that they have had this issue reported and are looking for a new cartridge manufacturer. Because I bought 3, she recommended I use the 2nd cart and assured me that she would follow up, give me credit and exchange the defective cartridges if I continue to have problems. I'm comfortable with her response as she assured me she will work with me. A week later the second cart began behaving as the 1st so I called and spoke with a Wellness Representative to report another defective cartridge. The Rep suggested I try to continue to use it and assured me that I would be credited for the defective product and the inconvenience it has caused. Again, I was satisfied with their response as she reiterated that they will work with me. A week later, I'm now at the end of my 2nd clogged cartridge and agiain, there is medicine visible but it's not vaping. So, I call and speak again with the Wellness Rep. and explain the problems with the 2nd cart and ask what she wants me to do with the 3rd cartridge because haven't used it and really didn't want to since it was part of the defective batch. She tells me she'll call me right back. 2 and a half hours later she had not returned my call so I called back in order to finally resolve this issue as now I was running low on medicine. That's when I learned that their idea of "working with me" consisted of asking me to come into the store so they could look at my battery?! She suggested I was having a battery issue despite the fact the Asst. Mgr. told me 5-5-17 at 4:33pm they have had this specific cartridge issue reported and because of that they are looking for a new manufacturer. The Rep. proceeded to tell me that after calling Management, they will issue me a $10 credit for the 2 defective cartridges but won't do anything about the 3rd defective vape cart.?! Needless to say, I was actually shocked and very disappointed with that resolution as this experience has cost me time, energy, trust and of course hundreds of dollars. I have been kind and patient in anticipation that they would do the right thing regarding offering me credit for defective product, exchange which had been promised and compensation for this inconvenience. When I asked what day and time they would be in my area ( I am disabled) she said they will not be available to come to me for a week. She said she would call me in a day or two. As of yet, I have not heard anything from them. I believe it's important for dispensaries to stand behind their products and their patients. I hope to develope a positive long lasting relationship with one soon...”

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