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At The Good Dispensary we are dedicated to helping you feel your best at reasonable prices! We accept phone orders! (480) 900-8042 ATM now available!


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On Saturday's you can pick as many of your favorite weekly specials as you want! Magic Monday-15% off all edibles, drinkables and vapes! Twisted Tuesday-10% off all flower, accessories & Sunday Goods half gram preroll packs! Wax Wednesday-$25/g of Venom Extracts! 15% off MPX/MUV 30 Thursday-$30 on top shelf eighths! Full Ounce Friday-$225 an ounce of top shelf every day! $125 half ounce of top shelf

Cannot combine with other offers or discounts. Cannot stack discounts **Excludes Sundays Deal

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“I think the deli style is working for them. I actually prefer it because I hate getting pre packaged flower bc it doesn’t stay fresh as long. Yes deli style is time consuming BUT they know what their doing and are very fast. And if you hate the deli style just call your order in about an hour ahead and pick it up! Great customer service, great deals and great flower! The decor could be Less green and gold, but certainly not an issue.”

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“It's MY opinion deli style has to go. Yes people complain about deli style @ other dispensaries. The reason I think it's a problem here is because of how many people come thru here. Lots of people! While it's awesome watching them weigh it in front of you, air & light are harmful when storing bud, it degrades potency. Fun thing to research & good to know so you can adjust how you store it at home. I don't even smoke flower so I couldn't care less, but from the scientific aspect the way they store their meds is degrading the potency of the medicine anywhere from 10-50% that percentage gets higher the longer it sits around. Every time the budtender shakes the container around to select certain buds they're knocking off trichomes. True connoisseur's know this. ”

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