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The Herbal Alternative

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100% Organic and Locally Grown in a brand new state-of-the-art facility, offering premium products at affordable prices. Professional and private.


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The Early Bird gets the weed! Come in between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and receive an additional 10% discount on the entire purchase.

Valid from 7/19/2016 to 7/19/2050.

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“I was very impressed with the atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and overall friendliness. There was nothing intimidating about the experience. The sales lady (bud-tender to some) was so patient and explained so much that us newbies needed to know. If you have time, take the 2:00 PM tour and see for yourself how your product is created. I intend to be a repeat customer.”

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“This review is for the middle-aged frumpsters (like me). we may have partaken back when music was great (clapton, the eagles, yes, CSNY, Fleetwood Mac Rumors) but may have moved on to other adult things: kids, careers, and on to caretaking for our parents. well, now it's time to relax, enjoy life, have fun! so cannabis is legal. thought i'd give it a try. glad i did. But walking into a dispensary was a daunting thought. me in a "head shop?" i put it off for 2 years! i want to say that the herbal alternative made it easy and fun. the bud tender was new (had been there about a week) and was professional, helpful, answered all of my "dumb" questions. i didn't feel like a fish out of water and i learned so much about all the options (oil, wax, electronic diffusers). i can't believe how many strains there are and the effects it might have! i got the twofer tuesday special and went old school with a glass pipe. i got the Indica strains Heavy Duty Fruity (lemony) and O.J. - two of the most mellow. THA helped me know exactly what I was getting! i forgot to ask one question. Is O.J. named after O.J. Simpson? cue: really slow car chase on the LA freeway circa 1995! i recommend an hour or two of Greensky Bluegrass on spotify with O.J. anyways, justvwanted to encourage my generation to jump on the bandwagon if you have been hankering to do so and DEFINITELY go to The Herbal Alternative! it's fun! gone are the days of crashing head rushes, lids and narcs.”

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