The Jet Room

17499 Adelanto Road, Adelanto, CA
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3.2 out of 5 stars
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The sign up for new customer is stupid and overly long and complex. This place is ridiculously and unnecessarily large, fancy and looks like an upscale jewelry store from Macy or Nordstroms. For every customer it seemed that there were 6 staff on hand all dressed as if they were going out to a fancy dinner. I wish that they had not spent so much money on trying to impress upscale shoppers that they will never see in the High Desert. Total waste of money and it impacts their prices big time. They are way more expensive than real medical dispensaries down the hill that are in real upscale areas. The staff was very short and not helpful and did nothing to explain their overly complicated shopping and payment process. I am a cancer patient and I spend a tidy sum on medicine. To have these guys not even try to be helpful was an insult. On top of it, the guy helping me upped my order on every thing and the bastards try to charge me for it. They added the special state taxes onto my order even though I have my medical recommendation. On top of that, they added nearly an additional 10% unexplained tax. When I protested about the special state taxes on my medical exemption they told me that I had to purchase a special tax card from the City of Adelanto in order to get my medical exemption. I don't know what these clowns are trying to pull and it looks very shady to me. I doubt that the sales tax on medical patients is getting to the tax authority. Needless to say, I refused the order and left along with my fellow cancer patient buddies. My buddies got the same tax scam line and they to decided not to purchase from these clowns. We ended up going down the the hill to a medical dispensary. These guys are not worth having a local medical dispensary up here, not for the price or stone cold handed customer relations.
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Quality | 5
Service | 5
Atmosphere | 5
The atmosphere walking into the facility is breathtaking. They have superb customer service and their products are all top of the line. I have never seen such a large variety in such a beautiful building
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