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January 8, 2019
Is this place a recreational dispensary?
July 1, 2019
The Dispensary Manager here, Tyler, is THE MAN. I was having some isssues w my med card w the state and he called me back the next day to help me troubleshoot their system and my issue was solved within minutes! Also, it’s the nicest atmosphere I’ve ever seen in a dispensary. Highly recommended!!!! You guys are the best.
June 12, 2020
Verified Shopper
They just "changed" their loyalty program - aka reduced the amount of all discounts by 50% or more. No explanation of why they are increasing prices (albeit a hidden price increase, it is still a price increase). I live walking distance so this place is very convenient - but I will be returning to Good Chemistry until they reverse this price jump.
April 6, 2019
Such a great vibe just walking around in there. Everyone is friendly and seems like actual stoners so I felt very comfortable asking about product. Loved the BH shatter! Will be back for sure.
April 13, 2019
Such a great environment everything is layed out in such a simple yet attractive way. Probably one of the best dispos in MA
October 4, 2019
Beautiful place, big selection of flower! Staff was super helpful matching a strain to my symptoms. Great prices and discounts. So far this is my preferred dispensary.
June 23, 2020
Verified Shopper
Rosetta Stone PR; old flower expiring (test date 07/05/19) in a little over a week. But only $5 so I hopped on some. After purchase I asked why my usual 10% discount wasn't applied to the order. "Discounts don't apply to the prerolls. It was on the flyer" The flyer. What flyer? Nothing is listed here on leafly, iheartjane, or their main site. You are not allowed entrance to the facility without having first made your order, so even if there was some giant flyer in the walkway, that would not help. It is aggravating. But being only 5 minutes away, I'll probably be back.
August 17, 2019
Verified Shopper
Out of all dispensaries in Massachusetts this is hands down the best. All aspects, quality is always top notch. Staff is awesome and extremely friendly. Been smoking for about 20 years now and this is the only place I go now.
October 23, 2019
Verified Shopper
I went today for an advertised sale. I was told my standing 10% hardship would bot be deducted. This 10% gets applied to all other sales and could have been applied to the same purchase I made today if I went yesterday. They tried explaining it away with the fact that at the bottom of the text it said cannot be combined with other discounts which usually means first time patient or other discounts not hardship. I asked if the hardship discount could be applied to the staff pick of the week sale (on save the date flyer located on counter) and was told by Heidi(manager) that it could be applied. I pointed out that under the staff pick of the week sale it said cannot be combined with other discounts. Needless to say they did not honor the hardship discount. it seems they can bend the rules to their liking. Very poor customer service.
September 2, 2019
June 26, 2019
I love this place! the interior is super nice everyone is so kind and helpful. and the flower is great!
August 30, 2019
Verified Shopper
When I first walked in i was beyond happy felt like being in a candy store . set up impressing and very inviting! Great staff
May 24, 2019
The Botanist is the coolest looking dispensary I have visited yet. The flower is pungent and potent. The Budtender was knowledgeable and courteous. Would visit again.
January 4, 2019
So, just got back from my first time visit and have a couple pieces of feedback to share with the community. I will likely review this location again once they release their own flower strains, but for now here we are. First, this place is absolutely beautiful and incredibly easy to find. I love that patriot care is 2 seconds off of the highway in lowell, and this is almost even closer to the highway. Second, the pricing structure has GOT to go. I understand that the Botanist is a company, has to keep all the lights on (a lot of fancy lights to set ambience in the lobby/main floor) but as a patient I felt like I was crazy for being frustrated with the prices. Right now their pricing is based off the packaging, so you buy an eighth in an 1/8 package you pay 50, if you buy a quarter of the same weed its 90, but if they are out of that strain in quarters, you would have to pay 100 for the same quarter in the form of 2 eighth containers. To me that's disgusting and a pure attempt to make money. I know some dispensaries don't let you mix and match in the beginning when they first open, but in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated I am likely to visit locations that have their own product and provide pricing structures that benefit the patient. Almost every other dispensary is willing or able to combine VARIOUS strains for quarter/half/ounce discounts, and for that reason I will continue to go to other dispensaries until change occurs here. Oh yeah, the flower, from ACS, pretty good cornbread and mendo breath but was only able to get an 1/8 of each due to them only having 1/8 containers and not quarters.
May 11, 2019
I am very pleased going to this location. All the staff are pleasant, and eager, always to help. Erin, is so sweet. I'm so glad you picked this location Thank you for everything, and keep up the good work.
December 27, 2019
Verified Shopper
Love the location and most of the flower. Grade A for nice tight fresh nugs at least 90% of the time! Good flower would def recommend. One question for the Botanist—-Why are you outsourcing a flower to cultivate to sell aka Original Skunk flower, I believe another one too hut the skunk stuck out because it’s one of everyone’s favorites and why wouldn’t you sell the new flower first?? Makes no sense to see a flower at another dispensary that’s a lot further away than u are when you’ve never had it on your menu???? What’s up B????
July 10, 2020
Verified Shopper
Knowledgeable staff.
April 1, 2019
Let me start by saying “What a beautiful dispensary. The staff was very knowledgeable. I have lung cancer, and I am using Cannabis for my pain management, the rep took the time to explain to help me out with letting me know what is good and what would not work. Great flower. I will bring all my business there. Plus they participate with the Veterans Compassionate Care Program. Thank you again and keep up the concern for cause.
December 28, 2018
As a first time patient I was very impressed with the entire atmosphere, felt like I was inside some high end fancy jewelry store on 5th Ave or something but not at all intimidating quite the opposite, very relaxing and welcoming. Love how you can walk around the displays and look at the strains and read info about them. I was also impressed with the menu and how it is presented from the binder with pictures and full description of each flower, it's lineage and being able to smell it if you want, I find that very helpful! 👍 Although the flower strains at the moment are all outsourced from other dispensaries and the prices are little on the higher side, they all seemed very top notch! But sometimes if you want quality then that's just how it goes. I will definitely be back and I recommend to anyone and everyone! 👌
April 8, 2019
stopped by the botanist on friday! perfect with how a shop should be. my budtender, i forgot her name, she had a facial piercing, was very informative and answered all my questions to a t!!! phenomenal budtender! also picked up one of their in house strains as well as products from insa, liberty and commcan! highly reccomend mob live resin! will be back to this dispensary!!
September 6, 2019
Very pricey for a place that you can go with a prescription
January 14, 2019
1) I love that they are not open on the Lords day. God bless the owners. 2) Quality of cannabis is the best in the state 3) the business isn’t local but warm and welcoming.
June 14, 2020
Verified Shopper
I love the flower here, I would come here just for their Tropicana cookies! I live only a few minutes away so this is my go to dispensary. Sometimes the staff can seem a bit unenthusiastic but hey as long as I get what I need, not a big deal. I work in retail and no how it is. My biggest gripe is the store being closed completely on Sunday! Three times now I’ve been in need of picking up some more flower on a Sunday, which happens to be one of my only days off and I’ve had to travel elsewhere because my favorite spot is apparently religious? Idk? Either way - love the bud, service is ok, but please let me buy some Tropicana cookies on Sunday!
December 23, 2018
Location is great w plenty of parking. Staff and customer service was on point. Props to Bret? So bad w names lol. Someone who can guide you to making the perfect decision for what ails you. Just be honest. He’s a smart dude. Nice chatting this morning.. Flower is so good i almost don’t want to tell ppl how great the products are!! Best flower I’ve had yet and I’ve been to every dispensary in mass almost. Highly recommend and its my new go to spot for the highest quality flower you can get.. Recommend to anyone and everyone who reads this review. The first time patient discount is also a very helpful money saver just for stopping in and trying some excellent products! See you guys soon and thanks again!