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Sunday 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Monday 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM Open Now
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Open to general public 21 and over. OMMP patients 18 plus. Located in Milwaukie right across from The River Road House. All Prices are Before Tax. (17% State, 3% County = 20% Tax) Hemp Products Tax Free. All Veteran's receive a 10% discount.


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Massive Black Friday Sale! Nov 18-26

Flower Sale Blue Cheese and Bubbleicious Medical Price- G $4.17 1/8 $15 1/4 $25 1/2 $45 Recreational Price G $5 1/8 $18 1/4 $30 1/2 $54 Blue Dream, Crustal, G-13 Medical Price- G $5 1/8 $16.67 1/4 $30 1/2 $55 Recreational Price- G $6 1/8 $20 1/4 $36 1/2 $66 Gorilla Glue #4 Medical Price- G $6 1/8 $20 1/4 $35 1/2 $35 Recreational Price- G $7.20 1/8 $24 1/4 $42 1/2 $78 Cartridge Sale Select GSC 1g Med-$53 Rec-$42 Select Social low dose disposable cartridges $12 tax included! Hush Goolden and Sonoma Coma 1g Med-$20 Rec-$24 Hush Goolden and Grapefruit 1/2g Med-$12.15 Rec-$15 Chalice Polar Express 1/2g Med-$13.50 Rec-$16.20 Avitas Dark Matter and purple Mountain Majesty 1/2 g Med-$12.50 Rec-$15 Avitas Strawberry Vanilla Kush and lemon meringue Med-$15 Rec-$18 Avitas Durban Poison Dabbable Med-$27.50 Rec-$33 Edible Sale Chalice Mocha 42.2mg THC 8.33/$10, Toffee 41.3mg THC/CBD $12.50/$15 WYLD Blood Orange White Chocolate 46.5mg THC, Peach White Chcolate 50mg THC and Strawberry White Chocolate 47.3mg THC $12 tax included! Also some other edibles and topicals with massive price cuts!

Valid from 11/18/2017 to 11/27/2017.

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“I have never had a problem with this place I've always gotten just what I asked for never once was the staff rude or vulgar (like a few places I've been to) damn good prices for 1/8's and single grams and I've only been here a handful of times (so far) but I'll definitely keep coming back hell even the $15 shake I had was the bombdiggity keep up the good work guys ”

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“I'm always a little on the fence about this place-- Everyone talks about the bud being slightly lower quality than most places around, I found that to be true too. But the big note on that is that the prices are incredibly fair. Just down the road I can get a prettier bud for $16 a gram but that's an insane price to pay for something that used to be $6 per gram just a couple of years ago. You'd find that same strain here for maybe $10. The prices and friendly staff make things affordable and easy. I used to have medical but lapsed this year because I couldn't deal with the $400+ you have to pay per year to renew. So the tax hike really gouged me when finding good medicine. Coming here, their recreation prices are so reasonable that I don't mind the slightly less quality in the bud. I do wish they'd pick out those stems though.”

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